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The S’ of Mt. Misery Road

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Coming back from my happy place, Myrtle Beach, SC, after the Christmas holiday, I noticed a highway sign. Normal, right? I am a sign person. This one struck me, invoking thoughts that had a delayed purpose. The sign read, Mt. Misery Road. Not sure of the correct pronunciation, but for me, it seemed to indicate a potential place of misery, rather than a mere exit off of I-140 in Brunswick County…

Driving down the highway, I grabbed my phone and typed, ‘Mt. Misery Road’, in my Memo app. I’ve been running across those three words for months, but tonight it finally took flight beyond the Samsung Memo notes. Tonight, I realize that I’ve been on that road for a couple of days. Dealing with, well maybe suffering from, sinus and cold issues, my feet had landed firmly on Mt. Misery Road. Feeling awful, questioning how my brain may have taken a mini-vacation during this illness, feeling slightly abandoned by some, however not wanting to sound an alarm to others, misery seemed to be a comfortable place. Actually, I almost parked in the cul-de-sac for a minute — So much so that this blog post was almost titled, ‘Single and Sick: #thestruggleisreal!’ Lol

As the night grew, a quote or something that I recently saw on Facebook or maybe Instagram alluded to the notion that you’re not truly single if you have God. Well, ain’t that the truth?? My marital status is single, but God is at my side. I am sick at the moment, and I have allowed myself to settle into the struggle. What I am, that’s way more important, is saved by Grace! I am a product of the Savior. God’s love for me is second to none. I am sold on it! I am selective and a survivor because of the strength that I have through Him. I am well equipped to handle the sudden need to quickly overcome sickness. I needed to remember to soar, to rise above my circumstance, to sail through the storm, and to select God as my partner in doing so. These sinuses may have surfaced mightily on Sunday, causing me to physically sink to a sub-par moment, however on this Tuesday evening, I’m reminded that my spirit needs to remain safely intact. Mt. Misery is a road in a state(s); It is not a state of mind or state of being!

Doing a little Google research, I found this…. “If you are ever driving down Mt. Misery Road you might want to roll up the windows and drive a little bit faster. Aptly named, during the days of slavery this long stretch of road used to be a disembarking point for newly minted slaves; the spot where those fortunate enough to have survived their brutal voyage were forced to embark on a ninety mile walk to Fayetteville, only to perish along the way from heat exhaustion. Here countless slaves took their first agonizing steps in a long line of many more to come.” ~ The Southport Times (quote and feature image)

Wow! History lesson for me! Point further made. Enough said!

Peace and Blessings, Lisa B

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