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Transparency in the Look of Love…

Looking at my dog, Khloe, I see a sweet, yet intense look in her eyes. She’s looking at me with nothing but adoration, protection, and a clear, unobstructed display LOVE…

Maybe, just maybe, we all should take a ‘pause’ each day to breathe in the transparency of love! The love that God gifted us with, humans and dogs, to love without any surrounding ‘ID’ tags. I’m not speaking of ignoring the differences, but I am speaking of embracing them. Why? Nothing is more defining and superior to God and His unconditional love. We can fuss, debate and argue all day, but God will always see us the same…

I’m finding that we need to think about that more in these extremely unbelievable divisive times, and it starts with searching our souls. Yep, searching for the love that I see in my fur baby’s beautiful marble-like eyes. It comes from her soul. It’s Godly. She simply loves her mommy, transparently—clear, plain and simple. Pupperoni or not, there’s no fog in sight. It’s 100% visibility of a heart that loves. It’s a heart that appreciates first, that she is God’s creation too! Oh….And just like the relationship that she and I have, we can love each other without liking each other all the ‘doggone’ time! Sometimes, we need a little, a lot or forever space! 😘

Believe it not, Khloe and I look quite different (ha), but our hearts are joined by the traits that show The Transparency in the Look of Love. Maybe we should pose this question every now and again, “When you look at me, who do you see?” No harm, no foul…

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa B

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