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Trash Talk

*This post was written weeks before “Serving ‘Fault’ on Faith”, however got shuffled. My timing can’t compete with God’s….His time is what matters!  

Struggling with embarrassment, last summer, I boldly wrote about my fear of frogs? The post was appropriately titled, “Fear or Foolishness?” If you missed it, the title truly reflected the words shared in the post, as I really questioned which it could be, fear or foolishness. Summer has passed, yet I still remain so pitifully terrified of those little greenies!

Rewinding ~ The greenies decided to take up residence in a trash receptacle, and no matter how many times they’d get dumped out (of course NOT by me), they would find residence there again like homeless squatters!! To remedy this major sanity threatening problem, I decided to discontinue my trash service and inconveniently opted to take trash to a nearby Solid Waste Site. Sounds crazy, but trust me, it has been well worth the inconvenience. Lol

Pressing Play ~ A few Sundays ago, thinking that I could drop off a couple of bags of trash before church, I threw them in the trunk of my car. Heading down the street, I was thinking about what I knew was gonna be a good Word waiting for me at church….it always is (By the way, it was just what I needed)! Suddenly, I realize that I’m already late, and dropping the trash off first would make me even later. Nope….Can’t do that, so I’ll just wait until after service, I thought. Realizing that the site wasn’t even open yet anyway, I quickly rerouted, and it hit me…Wow! I’m actually taking my trash to church…smh

Pressing Pause ~ Wait, isn’t that what we all do sometimes? Haven’t we all been guilty of taking our trash to church at some point? We may walk in with a smile, but are weighed down by the garbage, the rubbish, the soils of our raggedy lives, the worry of those life happenings that are beyond our control, the things that we are really ashamed of, the things that make our spirits so ‘salty, causing us, at times, to feel not worthy of even entering the church doors—some of ‘these things’ happened as late as the night before or as early as Sunday morning. It could be stuff that we’re embarrassed about or maybe we’ve made it okay in our minds.  We truly know better, however don’t do better. All trash—-Wrapped up, bagged up, tied up or just free-flowing, recyclable and non-recyclable garbage.

Continuing The Pause ~ The good thing, well, great and awesome thing about God is that we can leave our trash with Him. We can unload it! We don’t have to keep it riding in our spirits or our cars. I feel that God loves us so much that He doesn’t want us burdened by trash. I believe that He wants us to have so much Faith in Him that we don’t have to decide on the most ideal time to drop it off, but trust His handling, therefore not holding on to it for too long. Some of us hold on to it forever! It affects our mindset, our spiritual compass, our emotional disposition and our overall ability to rise above collecting, maintaining and storing excessive trash. We need to bag up the contents of our trashcans, fill up the trash receptacle, then take all of the filthy, stinky, toxic waste to the disposal site. God is waiting there as the site operator to take it out of our possession. Guess what?? Who says that church isn’t designed to be just that…a disposal site for our bagged up trash? Guess it’s not taboo to take trash to church after all, huh? Leaving it at the right place, with the right person, can certainly be the catalyst for turning our everyday trash to triumph and treasure!

Pressing Repeat ~ Remember, at least God knows how to properly dispose of our trash–Other folk will have it strewn all in the street, down country roads, on sidewalks, anywhere other people can see it, marvel at it, and yes, talk ‘trash’ about it! We must be mindful to be extremely careful where we take and leave our spiritual, emotional and mental trash 😉

Peace and Blessings, Lisa B

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