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No Exchange

Getting dressed this morning, I decided to throw on a tie-dye tank dress. Layered with mostly browns, I thought, Hmmmm...I need to switch out these silver hoops for some gold ones. I've been wearing a silver cross necklace, so in typical Mama "Betty Sue" fashion mode 💜, I'd need to remove it, and not wear a necklace at all, or find a gold one to match the gold hoops.

Searching through a tiny drawer of mangled jewelry, I find a gold necklace designed with a dangling cherry charm that I hadn't worn yet. Excited, I ripped the packaging off, but I hadn't taken off the silver cross necklace yet. In the flash of a second, this dripped in my spirit...What do we take our cross off for? What is so important that we will quickly, without thought, remove it for our wordly benefit? For me, how many times have I, or do I make an exchange for the cross? Lots of questions, and there are checkmarks for my "when", as I rewind my life tape...whew! 🤦🏾‍♀️ Hmmmm....well, today, I'm not taking off my cross necklace or otherwise. I'm wearing it in addition to the cherry necklace, representing my family name. Both will adorn my neck on this #wisdomwednesday. What a reminder for me on this mid-week day!

In the symmetry of a necklace, we need to wear "The Cross" each day---as it represents a love that surpasses any other that we will ever, ever, ever experience. 🙌🏾

"The Drip" of Coffee Thoughts ☕️

Peace & Blessings,

 Lisa C-S

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