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Today is Sunday, June 9th

Today, on this beautiful Sunday morning, I awoke with what felt like a lump in my heart. It's June 9th and Sunday, and early morning. Reeling the tape back, I thought of the feeling that seemed as if my soul had been snatched out. Although many years have passed since hearing my sister say, "Daddy's gone," it still feels like it just happened this morning; this Sunday morning. It is a day that always gives me awakening heartache, but the pain subsides as the day moves along. I am reminded that God is the only reason that I have the presence, strength, and courage to continue writing about Daddy...The real "Easy Like Sunday Morning."

Lightening the load, I sat on our patio, drinking a cup of coffee (should've put a chunk of hoop cheese in it like Daddy used to have...☺️), and relaxed to soak in sweet memories. In reflection, God sends me reminders of the kind soul---Daddy, Granddaddy, Norvell (, Uncle "Nawell", Tap Cherry, Mr. Cherry, and Mama's "Vander" and "Sweet Thang." The reminders are a light breeze with tree leaves, bushes, and flowers flowing and swaying in the wind, birds chirping, and today's different visual of the farm equipment that sits on the property. Then, there's the well marker, reminding me of the days when he pumped water from the pump house. The temp feels good. It's not hot; It's not chilly; It's a perfect and peaceful vibe. It is a beautiful, mild, clear, calm, and heart-filled "Easy Like Sunday" morning. I am grateful for this day and the time to reflect. I'm grateful for the extraordinary man that God allowed me and my sister to call Daddy, in the most loving, warm, and respectful way. All is well, in the name of Jesus. 🙌🏾

Before I could publish this post, I looked over at my hubby's breakfast plate. His blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs with cheese, and sausage are arranged on his plate like a work of art. Like my dad, a neat plate matters to him too. Thank God for all signs and wonders---all of them.

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa C-S

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