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Valentine's Inspiration

Embarking on a new marriage at 59 (me) and 54 (hubby) easily qualifies as AARP. Whether the commonly known meaning of that name 😊 or my acronym, Aged and Appropriately Responsible and Proud, we decided to prayerfully take it on. Two years and counting, we certainly are still learning a lot--about life and each other.

Along this continual adjusting journey, a dear friend of mine asked us (and two other couples) to share some words of marital wisdom during the reception of her nuptials. We were so excited and honored to be asked---they are an amazing couple. Nevertheless, as we prepared, my thoughts encircled around hesitation. What in the world could we, still a very newly married couple, share as words of wisdom? We've both been married before. We're still figuring this new one out! Lol. God quickly let me know that we don't have an anywhere-near-perfect marriage, but we do have Him. And in Him, we have purpose, patience (a whole lot), and prayer. With that in heart and mind, a PGSJR Plan was written, representative of my husband's initials. It speaks to, at a minimum, what it has taken, thus far, for me to happily survive beyond our SingleCherryLove nuptials in 2021. Yes, weddings are glorious celebrations, but the marriage is living and managing the knowns and unknowns--those everyday reality checks.

In sharing this with you, I hope that it helps others who aspire to win at marriage, despite the many complexities. I pray that it inspires single women and men to believe in love, although it comes with work, surprises, and sacrifice. I ask that you please pray for us, as we navigate this later-life union of love, expectations, past experiences, and faith. May these words be an everday Valentine's Day blessing to your soul. 💘

~The PGSJR Plan~


Prayer - Pray together and individually....skip not one day; even when you're mad or upset.

Grace---God extends us Grace daily. Therefore, we need to extend Grace to each other, as we grow together. A union is a joining of differences, life, and experiences. Managing them all coming together requires understanding and a lot of grace. God opens the bridge of grace.

Signage--- Marriage Prayer, Love Lives Here, I Promise reading, With Faith All Things Are Possible, Pray About Everything and Worry About Nothing, We Rise By Lifting Each Other, Faith & Hope & Love, What I Love About Us are ours. These signs are strategically placed all around the house. They serve as reminders of our commitment; our love; and that it's worth fighting for. Get some signage! It helps.

Joy, less judgment - Joy is key! Judging can interfere with the joy that we have in Christ Jesus and each other. Keep joy in your heart and front and center in your marriage. More joy, less judgment.

Remember God, not People, brought you together. God, not People, will keep you together.


Know your worth! It took me a while...whew. Know how God values you---You are a child of God! Love yourself. Spend time with you. Don't settle for what you don't deserve. Don't let your lust drive your relationship decisions. Want love and wait for authentic, selfless love! It's buildable---not manipulated or manufactured.

Everyone---Whether Married, Single, or Engaged

Make life a beautiful LLC---Love (authentically), Listen (attentively), and keep Christ at the center (of it all)!

~Peter's Message~

My husband's message was simple and powerful, directed to the groom. He shared that the man must be the spiritual head of the household. He stressed that it is his (the man's) responsibility, as the husband, to cover the wife and the family in prayer every day. There was a sweet spirit in the air, as those words landed soulfully to the handsome groom. He soaked them in so attentively, as did the beautiful bride. It was also a great message for men to process and for women to know what they should expect. God is so good!

Thanks to Christa and Luz for allowing us an opportunity to share our hearts. You sacriced a little of your special day to pour into others. That, in itself, is a testament to the light of Christ in you. Happy First Mr. & Mrs. Valentine's Day, you two. May God continue to bless you with a forever beautiful union. We love you both. ~Peter & Lisa

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. ❤️

Happy Heavenly Birthday to my grandfather, Leslie Cherry. 🕊

Peace & Blessings & Love,

Lisa C-S

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