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~The Basement~

Much like the basement can be the lowest physical living space of a residence, it can also be the lowest mental space of the mind. Depending on what’s happening in our lives, or not, the mind often wanders to a place that’s the equivalent to the lowest depths of the ocean. It starts at the shoreline, but can quickly do a nosedive, after venturing out into the deep waters, landing on the ocean’s floor.

Why do we “go there” in thought? It only makes us arrive at off-base perspectives, which can lead to unsubstantiated conversations, spreading filth, and promotes unnecessary foul actions…all “basement” activities. Not even realizing or sometimes even caring, those actions become a place of comfortability–So much so that the minimization of sound thoughts of the mind and those initial miniscule non-sensible actions take a trip lower…the cellar! Hmmm….Is the cellar lower than the basement? Not sure…. 🙂

What constitutes “basement” mode? There are a multitude of possibilities, but my thoughts are circling around a few…

Consistent negative thinking won’t allow you to see the good in ANYTHING! Well, unless it’s involving you and/or some aspect of your life. The light turns quickly from On to Off, the moment you hear of someone’s good fortune, whether it be a better job or promotion, an opportunity to travel, a possibility, even remotely, of a good/solid relationship, newfound spirituality, spiritual maturity and also acquiring certain material things. And I say, “certain”, because the basement thinker detests seeing someone acquire things that are a blessing, but take sick pride in the possessions that end up being a curse. Please, step up and out of the basement!

Basement mode puts you in a “salty” place where unjust characterization of a person goes from 0 to 100 in less than 60 seconds. Unfairly defaming a person’s character, without full knowledge, is dangerous. A bad seedling, planted in infertile soil can render severely bruised, withered and blemished produce. This produce begins to take a rotten journey through text messages, Facebook chats, phone conversations, from house-to-house, city-to-city and state-to-state! No one is bold enough to check for clarity, ask valid questions or “check” someone on the rhetoric, because that basement thinking provides an adrenaline rush. It takes on Super-Gro and grows like a well-nourished weed! Please, step up and out of the basement!

Basement residents enjoy “like” company. They latch on to someone who will keep them in this toxic space–Someone who feeds on that same level of negativity and drama. It’s like taking your best friend to a favorite spot that you both enjoy, right? Pessimism and severe negative thoughts, assumptions and perspective appear in almost every conversation between these select few, often finding their way to somehow include a whisper(s) about someone else… Smh. Please, step up and out of the basement!

What about worship experiences? Basement-ers complain about or demean any form of worship that’s different from their own. They fail to respect people’s individual relationship with God and how they choose to show reverence to this Supreme Being, who loves us unconditionally. I feel that expressions of worship are multifaceted, unique and relevant to the intricacies of the personal relationship between the person and their love for God. Who are we to judge? Please, step up and out of the basement!

The “I’s” don’t have it! Living securely and comfortably in the basement brings on the “I” plague…Infested with, “I won’t…”, “I can’t…”, “I’ll never…”, “I doubt it…”, “Sure wish I could…”, etc. Although not intentionally focusing on and living in a non-faith mode, if you’re a Basement-er, you just might have little faith in yourself and obviously sub-par faith in God. You have to believe in and encourage yourself! You have to stand flat-footed and grounded in faith! Please, step up and out of the basement!

So much that can be said about the actions, words and thoughts that take us there. Know that jealousy, covetous and sinister thoughts, lying, resentment, unfair assumptions, bitterness, malice, deception, a rebellious and manipulative spirit, anger, judgement, depression, fear, etc., all live in the basement. I certainly believe that by the nature of our flawed souls that everyone takes a walk down those stairs, even if just a few steps, but the walk down should only be a second or few minutes of misguided navigation–I sure do sometimes! Hopefully, when you begin to take steps down to the basement or possibly the cellar, you’ll hear the voice of the GPS say, “Recalculating . . .”, advising you to take an alternate route. It will always be a better route—Less traffic congestion and less confusion, hence less road rage. It will put you on    highways that promote a calming and therapeutic ride to a journey that ends in a destination of peace, acceptance and love for yourself and for others.

So, as you step up and out of the basement, walk proudly in moving forward in Life and Faith, taking one step at a time, in becoming a better You and please, bring someone with you!

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa B

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