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Inspirational Buds of the Cherry Soul is just that ~ inspirational, designed by God to penetrate your soul. Such an amazing gift, I had to share with a friend and literally saw the magic unfold before my very eyes as she began to read Bud #1. WOW!! Don’t delay. Get your copy today and be blessed.

Deidre C.

A lot of good information to live by everyday. I really enjoyed reading both books. 

Addrene C.

A Must Read
The book is Inspirational, Empowering and full of wisdom! The author's blossoms of expressions offer nuggets of love, inspiration, motivation, wisdom, peace and comfort. You can feel her heart in each blossom. The illustrations are amazing - beautiful, insightful, cheerful and touching. The book speaks to your heart, mind, and soul. You're going to love it. I look forward to her next book.


If you want a great inspirational book, this was written by a former workmate who has retired.  Enjoy!  I am halfway through and so relatable and wonderfully written.

Lydia F.

Hey there , I was so blessed by the introduction of your book. As I read each paragraph, I found myself saying " I remember that". I know there are many people who will read this book and laugh, cry and enjoy reading all the little nuggets of wisdom that will be gleaned from its pages, but there will be a few of us who will say to themself "I remember that". It makes me know that, when people meet as friends, and they remain friends that God has a plan for our lives. He places people in our lives who we can be truly naked before. There are there to support us, correct us, listen to us and support us. When I think back at the journey we have walked from silly young girls at WSSU to wives and mothers. living the single life and now caring for our mother. The parallels are striking. I have truly enjoyed this journey. Thanks you again for this book. Can't wait to see where the journey will take us. I love you Lisa. Have a good day and God Bless.

Arneda H.

Finally finished ✅ Blossoms... I put it off as long as possible cause I didn’t want it to end. Reading the last two chapters dealing with “Want” and “temptation” was so on time as we head into this holiday season of giving. I am reminded of what’s most important and the reason for the season. The Reset - well although I’m sure it was several months ago when this was first penned 🖊 it’s amazing how the COVID-19 pandemic is still relevant and continuing to wreak havoc amongst us today. Thank you for allowing us to travel this journey with you. Job well done 👍🏾. Continued blessings to you my friend and stay safe.

 Deidre C.

Yup it’s me again (Lol) 
Today’s lesson I believe one we can all learn and grown from. In the “Blossoms of the Cherry Soul”,  Lisa Cherry Ballance,  talks about “Club Chatter”, right!! I started laughing she so eloquently showed how the chatter can so easily have you wrapped up in stuff and then wondering how did I get here. Yesss, we are all guilty in some way  right? But she offered some self help. You ready for this a “MIRROR.” (Anyone who has been around me any length of time know  why I may have laughed!) She mentioned that looking into the mirror will inadvertently cause you to halt speaking about anyone else because you’re seeing your own flaws.
Yess we have to be guick to repent from the CLUB CHATTER.
My Name Is (Pastor Kecia Reed) and I approve this book.

 Kecia R.

I read several pages. I love page 13, Still Blossoming. In order for something to blossom it needs rain. Rain may have been trouble in marriage, job, college, sickness, but look at you now, you made it. So keep growing for the world to see. God is able to get them through it too.

Eddie G.

Started reading late last night. I'm on pg 25 and this scripture really touched me! Can't wait to see what other gems are in this book! Love you, proud of you. 💕💕

Jorey B.

Lorrie F.

💜The journey has begun and I am loving this book Cuz. You are amazing. This book takes your breath away 👏👏👏

Pam C-J.

Thank you for being a blessing to so many, so I'm going to bless my niece with a copy. Page #208-209 will be a blessing to her. 🙏💖👏

Willie Mae L.

I just received your book. I just read " Still Blossoming." It has truly set up the excitement for the rest of the book. So proud of you. Stay blessed!!! 

I just ordered another book. It is wonderful. This book is for a friend.  I know she will enjoy every word as much as I have. Thank you for putting your God inspired words on paper for everyone to enjoy.

Vondelia W.

Barbara W.

I took your book off the bookshelf and opened it to a random page (like I do from time to time) and as I began to read I was thinking how beautifully and poetically worded the writing was but more so how it described my moment and spoke to my inner self. What was most amazing was when I began to read the very last paragraph, you talked about remembering lives lost and the family members of 9-11. Today is 9-11! What are the chances of choosing the right 2 pages to read out of a 250+ page book? Blessings! ☺️❣️🙏🏽 May you receive encouragement many times over the  measure you give to others.☺️

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