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Small Business Connector

One of the ways to actively support our business-minded “branches”– those who have ventured into the blessing of entrepreneurship–is to participate in giving their products and/or services visibility, via our platforms. Sound, effective marketing, including friends-supporting-friends partnerships, is key in helping our brothers and sisters ensure increased success. TCV is on board, and excited to be a free connector for small business!

Please take a moment to view/visit the sites below. Hopefully, you will find products and services that fit your need or ones in which you can be the connector for your family, friends, acquaintances, business associates, and networks.

*Please email to request to have your business posted. Each request will be carefully vetted and may be denied if it doesn’t fit the platform for The Cherry Vine.

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Joe Bell Photography


Instagram: @Joetheillestt 

Booking thru website only. 

Individual and group photos, portraits and video shoots. Specializing in quality professional and eclectic projects. 

*Official photographer and video producer for The Cherry Vine, LLC

Music's "Manna"

Inspirational Music

 Music feeds the heart and soul and uplifts! The right song, no matter the genre, can be just the right thing we need to refocus and put us in a good frame of mind…Puts perspective front and center. As manna was the substance miraculously supplied as food in biblical times, hopefully, these songs will nourish and speak to your spirit.

*The Cherry Vine does not own rights to music/videos posted on this page.

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