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Cherry Trees (of Truth) ~ Reflections Of The Past ~ Guest Blogger, Celeste F

Today as I reflect on things that happened in my past, I am pressed to share my new spiritual awakening that is giving me a great vision on how I see things! I have found an increased tendency to let things happen rather than make them happen! In other words, if it doesn’t fit, don’t force it! I have found frequent attacks of smiling!!! It keeps your enemies wondering!!!! I am finding a true sense of being connected with others and with things of nature!!! No more fake friends! This has been something extremely hard for me in the past, BUT GOD! I am feeling episodes of someone actually appreciating me for who I am! I am beginning to embrace the moments and gradually letting go of the fears based on my past experiences! I’m the first to say that they haven’t all been good, but I’m not afraid of my past anymore, because what God has for me in the future is greater!!!

I am learning to enjoy the days by enjoying each moment that I have in that day! I am losing the ability to worry about things and people that I can’t change! If I pray, why worry? If I worry, why pray? I’m not interested in being in conflict with anyone or them being in conflict with me! It is what it is and I’m not trying to waste my time on trying to resolve things when others aren’t willing to compromise! For so long, I spent my time trying to figure out why some people did the things they did or said the things they said! I am no longer interested in trying to analyze the actions of others! I am not interested in judging others on how they choose to live their lives, nor will I continue to judge myself! I am performing to please an audience of ONE!!! Nothing else matters!

I have always possessed the ability to love others without expecting anything in return and I will continue to love without a reason! I will especially love those that despitefully use me, mistreat me, talk about me, curse me and plot maliciously against me! Love covers a multitude of sins!

This is a journey that I have been on and it’s my spiritual awakening for me! I shared because I believe that until you find your own awakening for your life, we will continue to struggle! Sending agape love to all!

Celeste F

November 12, 2018

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