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Happy 8th TCV Anniversary! 🍒

Was going to create an anniversary video for social media pages, and then I thought of the ABCs--- It's really very simple. I am simply so thankful for the little things; the simplest of things! Eight years ago, that's exactly how it all started---simply. I had no idea how the journey would play out, but I trusted God for it; I trusted God through it; I continue to trust God in it. The vine'age is still evolving. "TCV Conversations: Let's Talk About It!," affirms that God is still guiding me on this purpose journey. I, humbly, remain obedient to whatever He calls me to. God, thank you!

Also, I thank everyone who supports me; who prays for me; who prays with me; and who makes time to tap into The Cherry Vine in some way. I am so blessed and amazed by your love. I pray that you will continue to be inspired, encouraged, and empowered by this platform. In it all, I pray that God is pleased and that my parents are heavenly proud.

Happy 8th Anniversary to the little ole inspirational-blog-that-could, The Cherry Vine!


Peace & Blessings,

Lisa C-S

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Vinecia Bunch
Vinecia Bunch
25 apr
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Happy Blessed Anniversary, it's been a blessing!😍

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Thanks for your love and support, cousin! 🥰

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