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Relationships - Rescue/Ruin/Resurrection ~ Affectionate Ears ~Guest Blogger, PgSjr

You cannot underestimate the importance of listening to someone’s voice. The Listener says, ``I value you and our intimate relationship. I want to appreciate you." People can never have an intimate relationship if they don’t appreciate the person they are communicating with...

Respecting the other person’s ideas, even when they differ from your own, is essential to communication. Few people will continue to communicate if their thoughts are always attacked and/or interrupted. Also, responding too quickly gets in the way of effective listening. Listen twice as much as you talk. Listening generates wisdom and knowledge. The more we listen and the better we listen, the more we understand.

The one you love is about to divulge something. When your partner begins to reveal his or her inner self, don’t do anything to interrupt the flow. Drop everything else and focus on listening. Smile if they say something funny. Let your eyes show concern if they express pain. Ask questions to make sure you're getting the message. Active listening stimulates communication and also stimulates your intimate relationship-- mentally, physically, emotionally, sexually and spiritually.

I desire an intimate relationship with my Lisa, and part of that begins with using my eyes and ears in active listening...


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