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Update Story ~ Mrs. Vann Atkinson 🩷

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

As October approaches a 2023 end, the much-needed attention to Breast Cancer Awareness seems to fizzle. Sadly, we mozy along until the energy resurfaces a year later. Well, if you've been affected by the disease in some way, whether directly or indirectly, you know, like I do, that it's an ongoing battle; an ongoing challenge; an ongoing grief; and a day-to-day realization that it, the "BC" word, exists. One of my very best friends succumbed to the disease in early 2022. Another friend's sister passed earlier this year, and another's mom passed a few years ago. There are other beautiful friends who are doing well, but are courageously on the fight journey. One of my heart strings, my "other mama", has been beating "BC" for years---to God be the glory! I am touched each day by stories, memories, and remnants of the many forms of the "C" word, and especially by this story...

In honor of Mother's Day 2022, I published a story about a precious and amazing soul, who was on her cancer journey. It is one that continues to evolve to a place of fight, resilience, and faith that could make us question our endurance, given the same/like details. When I asked her lovely daughter for an update, I literally sobbed when she replied---I'm not sure if I would have that level of tenacity; that strength; that courage; that grit. Who is this woman? She is this incredible human being, showing us in action what God can do. She shows us how to truly and boldly position your armor in defense and fight with faith. She is one who firmly believes in and 'walks' daily in God's amazing grace. She is my spiritual sis' mom, my spiritual 'lil big brother's' mother-in-love, a phenomenal woman of God, Mrs. Vann Atkinson: A Woman of Faith, Family, and Fortitude. Here's an update from her daughter, Dr. Kesha Atkinson Howell...

Mom is doing well. Since that time, she has battled two other cancers that attacked her body and won! In January of 2022, mom was diagnosed with primary peritoneal cancer (ovarian cancer) and a GIS tumor which is a form of stomach cancer. She had to undergo six rounds of chemo and have a major surgery. They were able to remove a 17cm tumor and the smaller tumor in her stomach. It was a more aggressive cancer, so she ended up doing six additional rounds of chemo, which she just completed last month (September). We thought we were going to lose her because her platelets dropped to only 4000 and she was placed in critical care. But God is good, and though we have many afflictions, He delivers us from them all. Mom is back at work (she subs at her old school 3 to 4 days per week) and has a head full of curly hair. She is our miracle, our inspiration, and constant reminder that nothing is impossible to those who believe! Have a great day! Love you.

Then, she followed with this:

Yes, He is so good! She's been through so much, but you wouldn't know it to see her. She has never wavered in her faith, even though I did. God has taught me the power of trusting Him no matter what. The doctor's report was not good, but she chose to believe the report of the Lord! She has excellent physicians, but of course they had to give it to her from the science/medical standpoint. I can tell you that they are perplexed at times--at how well she has done. I've only shared this with a few people, but a few weeks ago the Lord told me that he healed my mom and to stand on his word no matter what the report said. He said she would live and not die and he would restore her. He woke me up one morning at 2:22 am., and told me He was giving her 12 years of freedom because of her faith. I'm not prophetic, so I don't really know what numbers and all that means, but I held on to the part that he was giving her 12 years of freedom. I share that to say that no matter what comes in life, our God is faithful, His word is true, and even when we fail to trust Him, He still comes through. He lovingly shows us that He will do just what He says and there is no need to fear because victory is ours in and through Him.

😭😭 All I can say is, God is so incredible! To Him be all the glory!!!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 You can check out the original story at:

Thanks, sis Kesha, for blessing us with this powerful story and message! I had no idea why God dropped an update in my spirit, but it is now revealed. God, I thank You. Amen.

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa C-S

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To God be the Glory... Inspiring Testimony. God is not through with you...

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