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Victimized By No Accountability

It can be so easy to "play" the victim, right? Seemingly, it's not as easy to simply be accountable...

Past experiences are or can be a catalyst for ongoing struggles and challenges for sure! Those experiences are hard to shake. It can take years to manage and potentially heal from those---my story. Then, there are those situations where we religiously pull the victim card, when we truly aren't the victim. Or, we use the true experience(s) of being victimized as a "pass" for present occurrences that we merely need to accept accountability for. Wait! Am I really the victim in this situation or am I failing to be accountable for my own actions; my part? Maybe it's time to decide---to self-assess and adjust if needed. Selectively making the choice to be victimized because we choose to avoid accountability serves up a huge ole bowl of prolonged resolve and removes the growth ingredient from the entire recipe.

Sometimes, the one to blame is the one looking for someone or something (else) to....blame. Maybe, just maybe, we are the reason why things take a shift in motion. In that case, we are victimized by the lack of accountability to/of self...🙏🏽 When we take a heart-look in the mirror, what is the reflection? No harm, no foul---just a little "drip."😊

"The Drip" of Coffee Thoughts ☕️

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa C-S

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