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Cherry Trees (of Truth) ~ Is Your Word Your Bond? ~ Anonymous Blogger

What has happened?  When I was a child, I was always told that your word is your bond, and your bond is your word. I would watch and listen to my parents talk to other adults and promises were made by word of mouth and promises were kept because of that word. Even children understood that bond–we would pinky promise or cross your heart and promises were kept.  As I grew older I began to see that trust disappear between men and women.

What has happened? Recently, it seems that the words you hear from others mean well at the moment they tell you what you want to hear, but what you hear is not really meant to be.  It sounds so good that we don’t stop to think if it is true or as they say, “fact check”it. We accept what they say, because your word…is your bond.  I often sit and wonder if what all the politicians say, (their promises) are really meant to be their bond or if they are just saying what we want to hear.

What has happened? Today, what does your word mean to someone? People do not trust people like they did before and now your word is simply a sound out of your mouth.  We as a people so often get so busy, that we say whatever comes to mind, not thinking about what we say or why we say it.  We tell people I will or I can do this or that, when in fact we have no idea if you can do what we said.  We leave people with hope that things will change or get fixed or ideas implemented.  Yet, we just said something to get people out of our faces.

What has happened? I really wish I knew the answer.  I hear these promises every day on television from Politicians, Teachers, Business People, Government Officials and the list could go on. I don’t understand why it is that people don’t honor their word as a bond.  What happened to the respect and to the trust between people?  Isn’t it better to just go back and say I can’t, instead of allowing people to sit and wonder and think your word is your bond.

What is happening?  God never brakes HIS bond or trust with YOU!  In 1 John 2:5 (NKJV) it is stated -“But whoever keeps His word, truly the love of God is perfected in him. By this we know that we are in Him.” Or in Deuteronomy 23:23 (NKJV) “That which has gone from your lips you shall keep and perform, for you voluntarily vowed to the Lord your God what you have promised with your mouth.”  God states all through HIS word about trusting, loving, and being honest.  Breaking a bond or trust is breaking your word before God. He never does, and nor does he expect HIS followers too. We are commissioned as HIS Disciples to live by HIS word and to do unto others as you would have them to do unto you.

As a society we need to stop, take a deep breath and think about what we are saying.  We shouldn’t say to someone or to several anything we honestly are not sure we can do.  When we took God as our Saviour, we made a bond with HIM.  That we accepted HIM to be our Lord and Saviour, to guide and to protect us, to keep us in HIS care always.  He never lets us down.  He never breaks His word. He is always faithful in HIS word. His Bond is HIS WORD. IF we are to live like Christ we are to honor HIM and HIS word at all times.  We are to live our lives as God would have us to live.

What is happening? We have not kept our bond with our Lord and Saviour and we have sinned.  We must ask for forgiveness and work hard to do as we have been instructed by God’s word. The bond He made with us all.

What is happening? I have learned that people are human and they say what they need or want to.  Their word is not their bond and therefore, I should trust ONLY in JESUS CHRIST.

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