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Good Enough? Yes, So Stay Lit!

One of the things that my parents made sure that I knew growing up was that I was good enough---Good enough for anything or any situation that surfaced. Nothing was too hard or above level for this country girl who grew up on what is now Republican Road in Windsor, North Carolina. As I type, it seems apparent that I've written about this subject somewhere along this six-year journey. However, it hit my spirit so strongly today, I couldn't let the opportunity pass to share my heart....

Sadly, some of us have never felt good enough. However, many of us start with feeling good enough, but struggle with it later in life, as society can change our opinion of what we're "good enough" for. I charge all of us on this day, don't believe the lie! We are good enough. We were good enough. We have always been good enough, and we are going to be good enough, as long as we see ourselves as children of God! Maybe we need to remind each other to keep seeking God, focusing on His intent for our life, being intentional "on the daily," in trying to be in sync with His will. We've got to trust in Him for our "good enough" status, not people. Their subjective status bar is skewed by so many variables...

So...You may have been served the lie (or served yourself the lie) of not being good enough for the job, the promotion, the house, the car, your dreams or your gift. They (or you) say your words aren't good enough, your speech isn't good enough, or you're not smart enough. Then there's that ole fib that you're not good enough to be in a buildable relationship or marriage. Just know that today, and each day forward, you are indeed good enough, so go be your best self, and be better than good. Stay lit, and don't let anyone extinguish that beautiful light on your unique candle. That light is moving from Passiveness to Perpetual Praise, and from Pity to Prayed Up!

Oh....Of course, if that "not-good-enough-plague" has hit our spiritual walk, then we, no doubt, have to work harder. It doesn't take long at all to figure that out. We all have room for improvement---I do!

Peace and Blessings,

Lisa C-S

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Ridin Music RM
Ridin Music RM
May 02, 2022

It's a beautiful thing to know that you're 'Good Enough'

May 03, 2022
Replying to

Indeed 😘

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