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My Soul’s Source

This blog has bits and pieces of something I wrote months ago entitled, The Band-Aid Theory. Never really finished it, and now I know why…My focus needed to be redirected. My spirit is so much more settled with stepping into Purpose, rather than just saying what I wanted to say for the wrong reasons. Hope this one speaks to you in some way…..

“You are the source of my strength. You are the strength of my life. I lift my hands in total praise to you…” —These lyrics reverberated in my spirit after watching Sunday service. Here’s the result…

Life throws us so many curve balls or lightning fast pitches, oftentimes so fast that it’s an automatic strikeout, or if we’re lucky, they’re pitched so far off –too high or low or too far left or right–that we possibly get an easy ‘walk’ to the next base. When it appears that we might be on the way to a definite strikeout, where do we find the strength to stay up at bat, in hopes that we’ll get at least a base hit? What if the odds just might be stacked in our favor and a homerun is getting ready to be served up? How does confidence in our physical ability somehow line up with our sheer will to win and competitive nature, to deliver not only a homerun, but a grand slam, hitting the ball out the park? Is it solely our mindset and accompanying batting strength, athletic ability, agility, and technique? Maybe on the baseball field, but certainly not in the game of life!

As we maneuver through this journey, we gravitate to some improper things to give us strength to endure; to maintain our peace; to calm our spirit; to settle our mind; to heal our hearts; to make us feel whole; to remain sane and safe! Although these things serve up a temporary fix or ‘band-aid’ that provides a short-term remedy, they don’t give us that permanent fix. They don’t seal the deal. These tourniquets may stop the bleeding. They may save part of a limb, but not necessarily our life!

Hmmmmm….Where could she be going with this, you might ask? What are some things that can give us a false sense of healing–emotional, mental or spiritual repair and safety? Without detailing a laundry list, they encompass anything that doesn’t represent positive change, doesn’t render ‘good’ or isn’t value-added to our life. This includes material things, but also people, without a doubt! Some people may speak a beautiful language of love, friendship and support, but are not true protectors of your heart. They don’t offer sustaining value. These folk have the care of our surface-being in mind, but we can’t trust them with our overall well-being. Who are they?? I call them members of the Band-Aid family, not the Solid-Source crew! 😉

Source? Google defines it as, “a place, person, or thing from which something comes or can be obtained.” For me, that easily translates to God being my source! Everything that is good comes from Him. He is The Source! True, unfiltered, non-judgmental, selfless, not jealous or envious, complete unconditional love, support and strength comes from Him! No matter how flawed we are (and I certainly am), He’s still there for the entire journey! He’s there to give us what we need to overcome the consequences of our not-so-good choices… whether the choice to love or to hate, to speak or remain silent, to drink sociably or to become inebriated, to chew gum or smoke whatever, to stay or walk away, to gossip or to praise, to uplift or to condemn, to worry or to pray, to protect the ones we love or throw them into the lion’s den to fend for themselves….Get my drift?

For me, I sometimes or oftentimes, get sidetracked and look to some of those other sources….You know, the fake ones??? Those ole Band-Aids. It is only when I get still (Thanks, TF!), that I come to the realization that they were only patches, functioning much like steroids, making me strong for specific moments—just a snapshot in time. My permanent strength is sealed and cemented in my faith in God! And, guess what? Contrary to what some may think, I don’t have to be perfect to be privy to His Grace, Goodness, Mercy and Favor. I simply need to be in relationship and connected to The Source! With that being true, I lift my hands in total praise! God, I thank You for loving all of me, and for being the forever good and true Source for my soul. In Jesus’ name. Amen!

Peace and Blessings, Lisa B

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