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New Video Celebrating A Heavenly 92nd Birthday ~ My Dad’s…

Today, March 7, 2017, would have been my dad’s 92nd birthday. Although I love to write, only minimal words are necessary, as my sister, Veronica’s narration of ‘A Father’s Foundation ~ Daddy’s Little Girls’ speaks loudly and wonderfully. You will hear the love, proudness, sadness, and raw emotion in her voice. Beautifully done!

Trying to therapeutically handle the blow of his death inspired me to write this piece, which was really the unofficial beginning of The Cherry Vine. It was then that expressing my thoughts became my outlet–my release. It was the precursor, the prerequisite to me finding and living my Godly purpose.

I believe that my dad’s heart is happy today. I believe that he is smiling, with his normal kind of shy grin, because he’s proud of this production—written by his youngest, narrated by his oldest, and the video produced by his great grandson.  Therefore, I will spend March 7, 2017, thinking fondly of the love and legacy that he left with his family…Betty Sue,Veronica, Lisa, JaQuita, John, Kelsey, Joe, Jorey, Destiny, Javonte’, Joshiya, Jayla and yes, Khloe too…

Happy Heavenly Birthday, Daddy!

Watch “A Father’s Foundation ~Daddy’s Little Girls~” on YouTube

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