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Rick Brandon ~”I Am Bertie Black History”

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

~Rick Brandon ~ Founder/Owner Brandon’s Restoration Services

Rick Brandon is the comsumate business owner–A resourceful human being and structured risk-taker, who built and perfected his ‘brand’ from ground-up. College wasn’t his foundational footing, but ambition, drive and faith were. No matter how we ‘sauce’ it up, your gift to the world may not be packaged in a 2-year, 4-year or graduate degree. Having worked in education for 27 years, it was a former district leader who shared that, ideally, we want to prepare all students for college, however, we were also preparing students for life—to be self-sustaining. That’s real talk! In this interview, you will discover this man’s journey to success, in diligently pursuing and continuing to be educated in honing his craft. His passion and drive have created a legacy of business success that he is now sharing with his son. Check out his work on social media platforms and at He is a kingdom man of God, a man of community outreach, loving his amazingly beautiful family, and creating a legacy of spiritual and generational wealth for them. He is my friend and in my spiritual go-to arsenal. He is Richard “Rick” Brandon. He is Bertie Black History! We are so proud of him and his success!

TCV1: What community/street did you grow up in as a Bertie County youngster?

RB1: I grew up on the original “308”– now named Governor’s Road. Why did they do that? 😊

TCV2: What’s your very first thought/memory of life in Bertie?

RB2: With me, there was never a dull moment (lol). A lot of fun and challenging moments—early years working in the field and doing various jobs with my granddad. During my teenage years, I rode dirt bikes, played sports like sandlot basketball and football, and still found time to be mischievous.

TCV3: What age did you develop a love for busines and entrepreneurship?

RB3: I think I was 24 years old—the same year that I got married.

TCV4: Who were the most influential people who formed who you are—As a person? As a business owner?

RB4: As a person, my parents and grandparents. As a business owner, my wife, Sabrina, and my pastor. One of the ministers in my church actually prophesied over my life and business ventures before I even had a clue.

TCV5: What is your most memorable high school experience—one that prepared you for the business world?

RB5: Can I be really honest? Getting into serious trouble my senior year in high school and spending two weeks in county jail. Turned out that it was the best thing that could’ve happened to me at that time, because it grew me up quickly, and matured me to the man that I am today. Thank God that I was able to graduate during summer school (lol). That experience taught me to stop following and start leading.

TCV6: When/How did you get started with Brandon’s Restoration Services?

RB6: I started in 1990—again, the same year that I got married. I always knew that I had leadership skills; I just needed to put them into action. When I graduated, I moved to Atlantic City, NJ, and started work. My first gig was in the casino industry in the hospitality department. There, I quickly moved up the corporate ladder, but later resigned to pursue my own business venture full time. It was definitely a leap of faith!

TCV7: What courses/classes have you taken to hone your craft? Where? i.e., Community College, online, etc.

RB7: As a casino manager, it was mandatory to take college credit courses. I also took advantage of various seminars and certification training, and I still do today (never too old to learn).

TCV8: What professional certifications do you/your business hold?

RB8: IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification); NSI (National Security Inspectorate); VIC International XPS; Natural Stone and Concrete Certification; Home Advisor Top Rated

TCV9: What is one word that describes your journey as a business owner, thus far?


TCV10: What are three of your most proud business accomplishments?

RB10: Being awarded the contract for the Miss America Pageant—having my floor work displayed on national TV, and around the world. —Opening my showroom and warehouse space, where we have the opportunity to train and certify others on their craft. —-Most importantly, having my son work alongside me, contracting jobs throughout the east coast.

TCV11: What are three of your greatest personal accomplishments?

RB11: -Accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. -Being married for 30+ years. -Giving back to my community and those in need.

TCV12: What advice would you give young boys/girls that would motivate and inspire them to accomplish their goals? To turn their interests/passions/gifts into a business?

RB12: Don’t let your past define you. Work hard and have a passion for your craft. Allow yourself to be coachable. Set deadlines. Never, ever give up!

TCV13: Your favorite quote?

RB13: Faith, Focus, Favor #fff

TCV14: Today, I am grateful for­­­­________. (One word)

RB14: Today, I am grateful for Life.

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