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Serenity of Sunday

Waking up this morning, thinking about the itinerary for the day, my mind started to get all congested with all the things that I could or needed to do. While sipping on a cup of coffee (using my “The Cherry Vine” mug….Thank you, Adrianne :-)), sitting on the patio with my K9 child, Khloe, resting happily in my lap, I began to look out onto the back yard and within seconds, my spirit settled. There was no view of the beautiful ocean with waves gently rippling, no watching people walk to and fro on the shoreline while I sat on a balcony of a multi – story condo or hotel, just the simple, yet also beautiful sights of some of God’s natural creations. Somehow, the view of the grass, the thickets of brush growing in the aligning trench, the tall still trees with calmly blowing thin branches, the smell and light whistle of rain showers, the view of old farm equipment and even the well marker, all made me exhale and bask in the marvelous creation that awaited me this super Sunday morning.

This moment of solitude and gratefulness reminded me of the Serenity that should accompany Sunday. It is a day of worship, a day of fellowship, a day of peace, a day to unwind from the sometimes craziness of the prior week. It is a time to relax your mind, reflect on how incredible God has been, be grateful for His presence in your life and give thanks– A day of praise!

As we are awakened to the blessing of Sunday, let’s try not to get caught up in the busy and rattled nature of the day. Get wrapped up in the blessing of the day! Keep close in mind, heart and spirit that it is a simple, soulful, serene, spirit-filled day, saturated with the sanctity of God’s sweet goodness!

Peace & Blessings, Lisa B

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