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#STEMS ~ Double Dutch

At a recent birthday party, an ‘ole skool’ tune hit the airwaves of a local lodge. I’m sure that I’m severely ‘dating’ myself with a few TCV readers, but how many of you remember “Double Dutch Bus?”  The song’s hook sort of goes like this, “Come on…..Get on…my Double Dutch Bus! My Double Dutch Bus!” Of course, most folk at the party were surprised to hear the DJ play this tune, as many hadn’t heard it in years, however the up-tempo lyrics and neck-rocking beat had most of us singing along and grooving to the ole Double Dutch Bus anyway. We smiled at each other and kept the groove going through the entire song.

Days later, I’m still hearing Double Dutch Bus. Hmmm…..Double Dutch? Double Dutch rope? Could it be something about how it challenges the jumper(s) to skillfully maneuver jumping not one, but two ropes being simultaneously turned toward each other? I’m thinking of how my challenged coordination never allowed me to master the art of Double Dutch. Lol. I’m thinking and reflecting on how decent I was at regular jump rope, but my feet never lined up with the rhythmic turn of two ropes.  I’m thinking that life is pretty much like being skilled at or obtaining the right technique to give Double Dutch a try, and mastering the art of staying in as long as possible.  I’m thinking that much like this art-form, as the ropes of our day-to-day glide and whisk through the atmosphere, we have to figure out the best way to jump in. I’m thinking that we shouldn’t attempt this feat haphazardly, but maybe methodically, giving it some thought–approaching it with some sense of wisdom; with some sense of purpose.  Well, I’m also thinking that sometimes we simply have to get in where we can fit in, taking a chance–jumping in Faith, taking control of our landing space, finding the right rhythm to stay in the game— if it means alternating the jump, shuffling the foot action, incorporating a little spin move or ducking the height of the ropes–doing whatever it takes to not get out. It certainly takes physical ability, stamina, agility, focus and determination to have some longevity in the ropes. Sometimes the twirl and the speed are coming so fast that it seems like the double must have tripled, quadrupled or something!! However, if we desire to stay in for as long as possible, we have to learn to capitalize on our abilities, maintain our focus, and even though it’s just jump rope, we might even pray to not mess up. Hmmm….much like life, huh?

So, whether we’re jumping Double Dutch or jumping through the hoops of this thing called Life, the same applies….Pray, stay focused on getting/doing it right, recognize the importance of remaining in the game, what it truly takes to stay standing, and to win. Know that we will mess up, no doubt, but the ropes can start again to give us yet another chance. Know that, in life, no matter who’s turning the ropes, how they’re being turned, how we jumped in or how we actually got out, God’s favor and forgiveness guarantees another chance, but we have to ask for it–not asking/praying for our oftentimes selfish want, but for His perfect Will!

Peace and Blessings,

Lisa B

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