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ThanksGiving---Not TiredGiving

During every season of giving thanks, there is so much focus on the festivities of family, food, and fellowship. Prayerfully, it is hoped that it is all encircled around the foundational element of this festive time --- Faith. Our faith in God speaks to that focus in Colossians 3:15:

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.

In that, we are still faced, in the natural, with those things that can overwhelm us so much that we lose sight of the whole beautiful and spiritual vibe of Thanks and Giving. Some of us might find ourselves awakening in unrest, prepared to make a dish of Tired. We're ofentimes putting in a few of these ingredients...

T - Tired of being tired; tired of being taken for granted; tired of turning the other cheek; and tired of being trampled in turmoil.

I - Idealizing life, when we're constantly in recovery mode from its day-to-day pitfalls.

R - Reeling from the remnants of grief that continue to span year after year, although managed daily with intentionality and strength from God.

E - Escaping the mental, emotional, and spiritual fatigue via comforts that don't serve us.

D - Deciding, at moments, to seemingly wallow in the frustration of it all.

So, on this ThanksGiving, and beyond, let's be intentional about Thanks and Giving, leaving any ingredients of aTired recipe in the cabinet. Yes, we're speaking to ourselves boldly, I will not be unshelving any of those items today. They only produce a salty-based mindset or that ole peppery-perplexing spirit! We will be thankful.

give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:18

As I type, I am so thankful for the best thing in every second of this life, Our Lord and Savior, Jesus, The Christ. I am reminded, yet again, to focus on being thankful for all of my countless blessings and all of the necessary lessons---good and bad. Let us, me and you, give in all the ways that serve God and His people, and especially those who are intimately connected to our hearts. In that, there is a much different and brighter ending "D" in being TIRED....

D - Determined to live a life of love, peace, value, happiness, and faith---despite the tiredness.

As always, we are also reminded that some of us aren't able to celebrate with family, the huge spread of food, or formal festivities. And, there may be people who are now missing from last year's table or from years past. But, our Faith in Our Father is always available to partake of. Let us all fellowship with Him in mind, for we are called to peace; We are called to be thankful---not called to be thankless. Marvin Sapp reminds us beautifully...

I'm grateful for it ALL! All includes y❤️u!

Happy ThanksGiving!


Peace & Blessings,

Lisa C-S

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Nov 23, 2023

So very on point!!! I am thankful for you and your writings that steer me back to center. Happy Thanksgiving 🍁

Teresa Finch

Nov 23, 2023
Replying to

I needed to steer myself back to center, too! Thank God that it is reaching others like us. 🙌🏾❤️🙏🏽

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