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The Birds Have It!

Have you ever listened intently to birds chirping? How often do you hear what sounds like an unhappy bird? Every sound that I hear seems like they’re happy; like they’re content; like nothing is really wrong with the world around them; like they’re thankful to have the opportunity to fly around freely. Even caged birds exhibit behavior indicative of being happy and for the most part, appear to be at peace.

Seems to me, and maybe because I’m in this relaxed state of mind on a Friday evening, that we can learn a few lessons from ‘the birds.’ No matter what, the majority of the time, they communicate happiness!! Although they certainly can be rattled, hence an angry bird is real, and not just an app game. 🙂 They can be especially angry, just like we can, when you mess with their babies!  However, their position, their meter, their knob, their lever is set on happy. Even the atmospheric conditions don’t seem to change their tune that much.  They know when to be quiet, and know when their voices are to be heard, depending on the season. Birds, unlike us, know that happiness is not where you are, but who you are. They melodically let us know this by gracing us with their beautiful voices. It’s a rarity that you hear them, and your mind sinks to anything else other than serenity and peace.

We get so intense, and allow our minds and our spirits to focus on the characteristics of an angry bird, that we forget anger should be a temporary emotion. It’s not meant to live within us, day-by-day, night-after-night!  We need to loosen up, spread our wings, glide and soar through life, much like a bird. We should let people see the happiness that lies within by how we communicate with God and others. We should let our state of happy, of which we can certainly choose, be on display by chirping (singing), not squawking (griping) through life’s happenings. Ever notice that every single time that a bird leaves a landing place, it seems to fly away in peace? Wow! The lessons of a little ole bird. We, like them, should let stuff go, whatever it is, no matter how we got there, and take flight in peace, singing a happy tune along the way.

Just take a moment to soak in the free spirit of a species created by God that just might be one of the things that makes us realize how good life really is! It’s not just ‘for the birds!’ This life is for us to experience the goodness that God placed here just for us—and the birds! And as I mentioned before about the caged bird… I think I now know why the caged bird really sings. It’s simply because even with limitations of space and flight, it knows that God is still watching over it, and giving internal flight and freedom to its beautiful spirit.

Peace and Blessings, Lisa B

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