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Turn The Lights On!

This was posted a year ago today. My spirit nudged me to reblog, which is a rarity. In obedience, here goes…😊

One recent Monday morning, in a slightly “salty” mood about making the journey to work after a busy weekend, I certainly had a severe case of the Monday morning blahs.  My routine of praying as soon as possible after I wake and reading a.m. devotionals, on most days, do a pretty good job of immediately boosting my spirit, but today there was some sort of delay….

I proceeded to go about this “blue mood” Monday morning, trying not to, as I usually do, over think and over analyze every emotional shift.  Walking into the bathroom, focused solely on getting into routine, I opened the top drawer of the vanity, picking up my toothbrush and toothpaste.  Yep, this is beginning to feel more like the norm…I’m getting ready for work, and work mode is kicking in. Brushing my teeth, now thinking about tasks associated with the workday ahead, I noticed that I hadn’t…

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