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Worthless Weaponry

One thing that I’ve learned for sure, during these almost 55 years of life, is that weapons are real!! They come in many and varied forms. Weaponry certainly is designed to do harm, inflict some sort of pain or cause physical damage. Even though they can be used as a mechanism to defend, the objective is still the same—inflicting pain of some sort, halting an action, etc.

So, what about those types or forms of weapons? They are commonly tangible items, like a gun, a knife, a can of pepper spray, a machete, and as one of my Aces will use for sure, a baseball bat!  All are guarding against or meant to harm. What we don’t think of instantly when we hear the word, ‘weapon’, is equating it to a person—Their words; their actions; their presence; their raggedy spirit. Yep, a person’s mere presence or possibly the thought of their physical form sharing the same air space that we’re breathing in, as our mind may process it, sometimes inflicts emotional harm, mental unrest and complexes our spirit. You See? These folk may appear to be completely innocent or maybe even on our team, however find fault in everything that we do or say or can be as petty as to critique how we do or say things. Something is always wrong. There’s always some sort of friction–about something or someone. They bring unease in their spiritual book bag. In that sense, they stand as weapons in the school of life. We, figuratively, and oftentimes literally, walk away thinking, ‘No weapon….”

I’m simple-minded enough to think that a whisper can also be a weapon, as it can be damaging. How so, you might ask? How in the world can a little ole whisper be considered as such?? It really depends on the delivery. If it’s placed in the atmosphere as a kind means of positive communication, that’s great. However, when that whisper has a toxic feel, and your gut says that there’s nothing about it intended for good, it is indeed a weapon. It doesn’t take Einstein’s IQ to figure out the foul content or sour taste of those kind of whispers. Whatever it is, it ain’t good…serves no good purpose. They serve to spew dusty and maybe even baseless gossip.  We know it. We carry it. We confront it. Sometimes we don’t, because we choose to smile, pray and walk away thinking, “No weapon….”

Moving on to those actions, brought on by character deficiencies, which are offered up as weapons. The things that are done intentionally to hurt— to damage, to destruct, to demean, to discourage, to downgrade, to maliciously disseminate, to deter, to disappoint, to demolish, to dismantle, to destroy…all laced with a demonic-type or evil spirit. Don’t fret! Let those weapon toting folk exhaust themselves! While they’re playing manipulative Romper Room or poisonous Peyton Place, skip or hum to the tune of, “No weapon…”

What I have believed to be true for a long time, is that those words starting with ‘No weapon’ are proven. God has shown me time and time again, that weapons will, and do certainly form.  They will be used in a full-blown attack, however because of the Grace, Favor, Covering and Mercy that He extends to His children, they will not, shall not prosper! I equate this belief to a gun loaded with bullets converting to a tiny water gun, not even the caliber of a super soaker; a sharp-bladed knife changing to a butter knife; a can of pepper spray converting to a can of sweet-smelling clean air; a machete turning into a plastic long-handled toy spatula; and that ole baseball bat quickly transforms to the arm of a loving God who says, “Don’t worry, my child. I got you. They’re using worthless weaponry.  Go on in peace.”

I, no doubt, get caught up in moments in which I let a stockpile of formed weapons attack my spirit…Seems like they come from every direction and sometimes, it may take a couple of days to regroup. Last week, when the attack of an intended shock-and-awe came on, I couldn’t shake this verse… “God will do what He said He will do. He will stand by His word. He will come through. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. It won’t work.”  Why? God dropped in my spirit that they’re just worthless weapons, and last time I checked, worthless has no value. It’s the equivalent of n-o-t-h-i-n-g. It may perpetrate worth, but it’s useless for whatever it’s designed for.

So, we need to recognize worthless weaponry for what it is. The attack may be well calculated and fierce, but the weapons used are wimpy and worthless, and no match for the power of an almighty and wonderful God! Stay suited up with His armor!

I’m in love with Fred Hammond’s “No Weapon”….Check it out via the link below and in Music’s Manna.

Peace and Blessings, Lisa B

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