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Celebrating 5 Months!! Thank YOU!

Today, September 24, 2016, marks the 5-month anniversary of launching The Cherry Vine (TCV)!! I am so thankful to God for trusting me with a forum to inspire and bless others. It has and continues to be a journey of faith, conviction, assignment, purpose and believing that even I can be a vessel to empower and uplift the hearts of God’s people. I’m definitely walking in progress, not perfection. Glad to be in this space.

So, in celebrating this anniversary, I would like to celebrate YOU!! With your busy lives, you take a few moments of your valuable time to read the words of this flawed, yet favored soul and I appreciate it so much!!  Thanks for commenting on the site and Facebook and sharing posts!  Thanks for the phone calls and the private inbox and text messages that lift my spirit more than you know.  Thanks for continuing to inspire me to stay committed and even more touching, for letting me know that TCV has touched your heart in some way. I absolutely love the feedback!! Super special shout-outs to the guest bloggers and the barometers who do pre-reads and reel me in when needed. 🙂

I’m excited about a few new things coming to The Vine…. Some of you already have The Cherry Vine cups and it warms my heart to see them in use or displayed in offices of my NRMPS family!! Although in limited quantity, some will be available for sale in a couple of weeks for $10 each. If interested, let me know via email at, inbox me or whatever way is most convenient for you. For those who have them or when you get one, send me a pic of you or a group of you holding your cups…I will post them on TCV in the Photo Gallery.

Your thoughts matter.  A follower has given me some constructive criticism that some posts are too lengthy –yes, I get caught up sometimes. 😉  Apparently, there is a need for quick reads, so starting soon, “Stems” will be introduced that will be short, but hopefully thought-provoking snippets of expression. Hope you enjoy!

Again, thanks for being on this journey and for supporting me, in love, as I attempt to follow not only my passion, but my purpose. Because of your support, since April 24, 2016, TCV has had over 14,000 views in 17 countries!  Look at God!!

Peace & Blessings, Lisa B

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