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Facing Fear on the Frontline

This nugget hit me so fiercely, everything came to an abrupt stop, until I released it in words. Whew! I pray that it reaches the heart, mind, soul, and spirit of those needing it....

Fear is the friend of the enemy. Know that people will have more energy to discourage you than to encourage you. So, whatever you're doing or whatever you feel will offer value to this world,  go for it anyway! Don't let fear keep you from operating in your gifts or your ministry because you're unsure of how people will recieve it. They will have something to say, good or bad, regardless.  You're too wordy; Those products won't sell; Services like that aren't trendy enough; Your skills aren't marketable. Well, let the naysayers stay in "Nay-Land" Love and support don't always belong in the same sentence---(Hello). Keep strategizing. Keep growing. Keep operating in what God has nudged you to do. Shout out to all of you who have taken the risk to put yourselves out there; to be your best you. Thinking about taking the leap? It's certainly not easy, but do what you can to serve the purpose that God has divinely fitted just for you. We are more equipped for the journey, through Him, than we sometimes realize.

I'm staying "on the grind." It lights my spirit, and warms my heart to do good, to inspire and encourage people, even if it's only one. I'm constantly trying to be "my better"---doing what I can lay my head down and sleep in peace with. Hopefully, someone will see something in me, my words, and this platform that will give them a brighter or different outlook, positively. Be encouraged. Be courageous. Go in peace. Go in purpose. That's it. That's the post! ☺️

New project is underway---being done in faith over fear. Thank God for His divine prompting and guidance in all things.

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa C-S

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