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Happy 5th Anniversary!

Updated: May 26, 2021

Wow….What started as an assignment to “do something with your writing…” has now evolved to five years of sharing my thoughts with you, an awesome TCV family! What a humbling and purposeful journey it has been—to be able to express myself through writing to the entire world. It is indeed a blessing, and I have paramount gratitude…

You never know who God wants to use. I’m forever grateful that He chose Dr. Patricia H. to speak for Him; to deliver an assignment that has brought so much therapy, joy and purpose into my life. As I type, I am thinking of the “press” in my spirit when I left her office on that Monday morning. I walked away knowing that my spirit of procrastination could not take the lead role— I had to act! I had to do something ASAP. It couldn’t be tomorrow—it had to happen today! So, it was on that same Monday evening that my daughter and I met at Panera Bread with a draft of my vision for what would later become, The Cherry Vine. My heartstring, Kelsey, took the time to ensure that my vision would someday soon meet the world. She is a divine gift!

Tonight, on 5-year anniversary eve, I am reflecting on the entire journey; I am reflecting on everyone who was there on April 24, 2016; I am reflecting on every person who wasn’t in attendance, but whose vibe of positive and congratulatory energy was permeating the atmosphere in Raleigh, NC. I’m warmly reflecting on my mama’s beautiful smile on that day, as she was so very proud. Even though she didn’t fully understand the technology of a so-called blog, she knew it was to spread encouragement and positivity, which was the essence of her being. I am reflecting on daddy’s absentia, however, remembering that it was his passing that was the catalyst in bringing The Cherry Vine to life. I love and miss them so much. 😦 Yes, I am reflecting on everyone who has participated in some way these past 5 years. I am thankful that such beautiful hearted people take the time to read the thoughts of this country girl from Republican Road, located in the Snakebite township of Bertie County. I am thankful for it ALL! To God be all the glory!

Although words normally seem to move from heart to keys pretty well, it is clear that words can’t truly convey how much your support means….they really can’t at this moment. It’s surreal, at times, the beauty of connecting and reconnecting with such an amazing group of TCV followers who are family, friends and complete strangers. Please know that your love and support are immensely appreciated! Keep following, and encourage someone else to get on board this TCV train. It moves to inspire–to energize, educate and empower. It continues to travel methodically, but only as God provides the direction. That spiritual journey has produced these fruits since April 24, 2016:

  1. 38, 530 Views (95% US Views; 5% Non-US Views)

  2. Views in 110 countries (Most Non-US Views in China, Canada and Brazil)

  3. #1 Viewed Post–Dr. Otis L. Smallwood ~ I Am Bertie Black History

  4. Highlights

  5. “I Am Bertie Black History” Series

  6. Two published books–Blossoms of the Cherry Soul, and the new Inspirational Buds of the Cherry Soul

  7. Video – Reflections~ Blossoms of the Cherry Soul

  8. First promotional video – Introducing The Cherry Vine YouTube Channel

  9. YouTube Channel– its talented narrators and TCV video producer (my nephew)

  10. Speaking engagement at my home church, Mt. Ararat Missionary Baptist Church

  11. Guest Blogger posts—Amazing writers!

  12. 1-Year Anniversary Celebration

  13. Pages–VineTastic Small Business Connector, VineTastic Stories, Music’s Manna, Rockin’ The Blossoms

  14. Product line and family/friend business relationships/collaborations

  15. YOU! Thank YOU! Bless YOU!

Happy 5-Year Anniversary to The Cherry Vine! It is the small blog with a huge heart for God and people.

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa B

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