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Happy Easter Sunday! 🤍🩷💛

It's Easter Sunday! Yes, we celebrate that He Lives!

On a renewed spiritual high, expressions of thanks we gratefully give

We reflect on the Easter Story, expecting a good day ahead

But being true to ourselves, some of the traditions we now very slightly dread...

Well, holidays without passed loved ones will never be same

But thank God for the memories---they help us to endure the pain

For we know that we were blessed with their love for many years

That's why on today we may surely shed a few tears

Although there will be some lows and many highs

The most important thing is that they are amongst the Heavenly skies

So, as we move through the blessings of this day

Let us remember the reason Easter comes our way

As we wipe away the teary midst from our eyes

We celebrate that God allowed our Jesus to rise!

What a selfless act to save us from sin

Because of Jesus, we can all live again

Through this life and through Eternity's gates

The chance to see our Heavenly Father and those loved ones awaits

So, if we believe in 1 Thessalonians 4 :16, we are wise

For it says that the dead in Christ, first, will rise

What a beautiful, welcoming reunion it will be

Let this be the vision on this Easter Sunday that we forsee

Peace and many Blessings, I extend to my sisters and brothers

Let us continue to pray, one for another

For whether our wounds are old or freshly anew

As believers, we are required to pray each other through

May we continue to love one another from the bottom of hearts

For real love is where the existence of Jesus starts

Happy Easter, this Spring 2023 season

Thank you, God, that Jesus The Christ is risen!


You could clearly see that I'm no true poet, as you perused the lines to read

But when God speaks to my heart, I've learned to listen intently and take heed

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa C-S

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