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Lyrically Speaking….

Had another one of those moments where a random song hits my spirit and decides to nudge me all day until I take the time to unravel why.  This time, out of nowhere, the spirit-scratch that turned into a pleasant spirit-tickle, was Christina Aguilera’s, ‘What A Girl Wants.’

Have you ever like REALLY listened to the lyrics of this tune, sung by the small-bodied girl with the huge voice who amazingly belts out wonderful, sweet soulful R&B and Pop music from such a tiny frame? I remember the first time that I heard her sing, my thoughts were like, “Wow…. That girl can ‘sang’!”   Little did I know at that moment in time, that her music would be the basis of one of the messages that I’d be forced to express via any forum, much less a blog that I’ve been tasked with to empower and uplift sisters and brothers of many races around the world.  Wow—Just look at God!

Since this little song refused to leave me, as I couldn’t stop humming the hook and singing the chorus, while swaying and bopping my head to the beat, I literally asked God out loud, “Okay… What am I supposed to do with this? What do you want me to say to your people?” His answer came via me repeating the happy, catchy chorus again, and stepping into Purpose, as He made it clear in my spirit.

The song is about a girl thanking a boyfriend/lover/significant other for being in tuned with meeting her needs; for making her happy; for setting her free, by doing so; for waiting patiently for her to get it right.  I initially and almost instantaneously drew parallels to this line, but with a twist—Whatever makes me (you) happy sets you free.  As I verbalized my thoughts with a friend, I went on to describe what that meant to me, or what I might need to be saying about this song.  For me, it spoke to focusing on the goods things—those things that make you happy, and the level of freedom that comes with that.  Focusing on what’s not right in your life, the many things that appear negative and being frustrated with things not being where you want them–all of which are simply binding your spirit to a level that limits this feeling of happy; this sense of freedom—-creating bondage.  I thought to myself, Hmmm….I’m good with that.  Okay, God, that’s it!  I’ll write about it later.

Guess what?? You never know when God is finished! I finally decided to YouTube the lyrics and as I began to read through them, there was more! There was more than what I thought needed to be conveyed through this older hit song.  The chorus can very easily be about a full conversation a girl is having with God, with a few minor tweaks.  The actual lyrics are:

What a girl wants

What a girl needs

Whatever makes me happy, sets you free

And I’m thanking you for knowing exactly

What a girl wants

What a girl needs

Whatever keeps me in your arms

And I’m thanking you for giving it to me…..

Get it? She could be thanking God for giving her what she wants; for giving her what she needs, for making her happy in doing so, therefore setting her free.  She’s thanking Him for knowing exactly what she wants; what she needs.  She further, so powerfully, says that whatever keeps her in HIS arms, she’s thanking Him for giving it to her.  And almost as if it were an afterthought, in another verse, she thanks Him for being there for her. Feeling the correlation?

Wowed by how God moves and how He uses the simplest things sometimes to get our attention, I am, once again, in an instant state of awe of His being.  He is so creative, incredible, amazing and His timing is impeccable!! So, in His awesomeness of timing, on this day, I am sharing with all of you my spin—lyrically speaking……

Whatever this girl wants (that’s within His will)

Whatever He knows that this girl needs

Whatever makes me happy, through Him, sets me free

And I’m thanking Him for knowing exactly, every time—no exception….

What this girl wants and what this girl needs

I’m grateful for whatever keeps me in His loving and protective arms

And I’m thanking Him for giving it to me–

I’m thanking Him for being there for me

There are other words that stand out, as I read and let the words of “What A Girl Wants” marinate in my spirit.  However, to what has been expressed or lyrically spoken on this beautiful Saturday, I say with a warm and spirit-filled heart, Amen!

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa B

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