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Making It A Cheery Cherry Christmas!

Leading up to this Christmas 2020 morning, as I prepared to get ready for the normal trimmings of the holiday, I was constantly reminded of what was not so normal this year. For weeks, I mouthed utterings of not focusing on the differences, but my heart kept sinking to one huge difference–my mother is still here, by the Grace of God, however, so much of ‘her’ isn’t. 😢 Then, there’s the infamous icing on the cake, not spreading smoothly at all, in that we can’t physically be together other than by a window visit. My heart drops each time I have to let that settle in my spirit. On the flip-side, I get to see her, and I’m thinking more fondly of those parents, including my dad, who are having a heavenly Christmas. I’m thinking more fondly of us who are missing their physical presence…

Moving from that space, I will make every effort to enjoy the “Now.” I am grateful for all that is…Things could definitely be a lot worse. I do know that God has covered my mom, sometimes as if He has her cupped in His hands, and oftentimes, holding her in His arms, protecting her from the many falls she’s had. I know that He has allowed my sister and I to experience an elevated level of closeness, as we team up each day to advocate for her quality care. I know that He continues to connect those Divine dots by dispatching a few special angels to take care of her at the facility. I pray that God continues to do what He does, and I pray that He continues to deal with my feelings of not being in control—-I have to relinquish that to Him!! The song, “I Am” by Jason Nelson, is a spirit-settling reminder of that. No matter how I’ve tried to “God” over mama’s life, I am NOT God! I have to let Him be Who He Is!!!

In that, I am reminded today of the powerful, beautiful, steady, all-knowing hand of God. It was that hand that gave us the birth of Jesus The Christ. What a blessing it is to celebrate Christmas! What a blessing it is to be able to reflect back over the many days and months since last Christmas. What a blessing it is to have experienced the love of those who are no longer with us. What a blessing it is to have folk in our lives who pray with and for us–mine are true prayer warriors who suit up quickly when I ask for their prayers or even when I don’t. I’m grateful for that. More than anything today, I’m grateful that Christ was born, and that I have yet another opportunity to celebrate Him. Although celebrations roll drastically different, the reason why is always the same!! To God be the glory!

I’m planning to make the most of this day! I’m praying for myself, my family and friends, and yours. I’m praying that the world takes time to soak in everything that is so beautiful and sacred. I’m focusing on presence, not presents!! Making it a Cheery Cherry Christmas!! Happy Holidays, TCV family. ❤💚🤍

**Photo Cred — My TN family, Tammy H

Peace & Blessings–CHRISTmas Joy & Love, Lisa B 

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