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New Videos Posted!

I am so excited to share the strong, yet smooth-as-butter, the voice of T.O., who has become the silky sound of TCV Bud narrations!! The blessing of his participation presented a much-needed opportunity to rebrand narrated videos, so the new facelift is here! I’m proud of the new branding, but better yet, I absolutely love the marriage of T.O.’s voice and the Bud writings—I’m sure you will too.

Check out the videos for Bud#14 and Bud#15 (links provided below, as well) and be blessed! Be sure to give a thumbs up when you do. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel to receive email notification of newly uploaded narrations! There is a direct link to the channel on TCV’s landing page.

There’s something extremely special about friends (and RAMily) supporting each other. Thanks to my friend, T.O., for being a consistent supporter since the beginning of this journey, and for offering to lend his voice to TCV. He has delivered beautiful narrative artistry for the YouTube channel…nothing short of awesomeness! I’m grateful.

Peace and Blessings, Lisa B

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