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New Year Thoughts ~ HNY 2019!

It’s NYE (New Year’s Eve) 2018, and unlike most years, I’ve been battling sinuses that turned into a really bad cold. It’s been going on for days, and I’m so over being sick! Just doesn’t seem fair that hosting a New Year’s Day gathering, although would be impromptu at this point, is definitely off the table. However, it is what it is, and I’m grateful to be in the ‘land of the living’, as we often hear. What a blessing it is to be able to utter those words? What a blessing it is to be able to share my thoughts, so here we go . . .

Why am I sick during this NYE holiday? Did I just run myself ragged leading up to Christmas? Did I underestimate hosting Christmas dinner at my place for the first time?  Did I ignore warning signs that my body was physically taking a slight detour from its everyday normal healthy feeling? You know, that feeling that we take for granted until we feel bad? Am I supposed to put in perspective what some people deal with on a day-to-day basis, being in sub-par health? Hmmm…Well, maybe there’s a message beyond which meds to take, and what preventive measures to take for the next trip down ‘Sick Alley’ . . . .

The New Year is literally a few hours away. As excitement is on the horizon, and as gratitude is already on deck for how God has blessed us during 2018, we are reflective of the good, what is perceived as ‘bad’, and the best of ole Two Zero One Eight! In the vane of this wretched cold, I’m reflecting on what we might be sick of– the things that need complete healing; the things that need remedying; the things that need restoring; the things that need a new approach to all facets of health—Maybe, sick of drama, chaos, stupidity, selfishness, indecisiveness, fence-straddling, liars, boastful folk, struggling finances, unfulfilled feelings, mean-spiritedness, malice, cunning and manipulative behavior, addiction, cowardice action or non-action, failed relationships, unsuccessful marriages, fake people, falling for folk who are not emotionally or in general, not available, fatigue, foolishness, unforgiveness, no trust, judgment, stored up resentment, etc. These are all germs that we carry. They infect us like a virus, causing us to be emotionally ‘heavy’ and spiritually sick!

What a laundry list of ill-laced words? They “mirror” hazardous waste that needs to be properly disposed of. They are all dangerous ‘like’ bio-chemicals that belong in the appropriately labeled container. They should be tossed and not taken into the New Year! Why? Year 2019 should be a year of release, restoration, response to 2018 revelations (heard that somewhere recently), and rising up and beyond those things that keep us bound. Year 2018, and every prior year should end with and always be a year of reflection. It’s so important to be real in reflecting on the journey, so that any needed release is possible and eminent, and so that the response will be on point. We may not get it all right, but we can get it rolling, and at least in the right direction.

So, as I reflect on this past year, I am reminded of the journey to here. I’m reminded of how God has been faithful, no matter what. I am reminded that the one thing that sunk in my spirit the most is the absolute forever love that He has for me. I’m thankful that His love has no boundaries and that He loves me without reason. I’m more in-tune with the unconditional nature of love and what that continues to really mean. I know that He will ALWAYS be right there, in the pitfalls, the pity-parties, as well as the lifted moments and celebrations. I am thankful for the people God has blessed me to know or connect with. I am fully aware that connections don’t happen by chance, so I receive the presence of these folk in my life, while I may not yet quite know the reasons. I’m so thankful for how God has allowed people to bless me, but even more thankful for how He has allowed me to be a blessing to others. It’s not monumental or materialistic….It is making even a minuscule effort to be a light to someone else’s path.

In closing the last post for this year, I am humbled by your support of this forum. The time and energy that you give to The Cherry Vine is indeed a blessing! I don’t take it for granted….believe me! As we move into 2019, let’s pay attention to the things that we’ve taken for granted. Let’s gear up and make amends, where needed. Let’s focus less on self, and more on the people who we are blessed to have in our lives. Whether we’re watching the famous Ball Drop, The Acorn Drop, The Peach Drop, The Pickle Drop, The Hop Drop or wake up after the Drop-off-to-Sleep, let’s also drop those germs that we carry, so that we don’t further infect ourselves and others. As this has seemed to be a year of relationship woes more than ever, if it doesn’t feel right, leave it! If we’re looking to someone else to bandage our wounds—to make what we have at home or in tow more tolerable, drop it! If what seems broken is salvageable, fix it! If we really want it, love it! If we don’t, say it! If we’re doing something that we can’t forgive him/her for, stop it! If we’re grateful for the love we have, embrace it!  Whatever the “it” may be, handle it and move on in peace! We have to stop affecting/infecting others with our haphazard, non-seeking-God-first decisions! Live OUR best life, not the life that’s best for everyone else! Pray more, and worry less! Value authentic friendships, and show family the love that they deserve and need. Strive each day for our personal ‘better’, knowing that perfection is something that we will never achieve!

Let’s make Jesus the reason for every season, and gift the world with the present of some of the Love that God gives us every second of every day—absolutely and unconditionally! Remember… Forever is a long time, and that’s how long He loves us! That’s Absolutely Absolute Forever Love, today, tomorrow, forever and always! May you experience awakenings and amazing blessings in this new year! Happy 2019!

Peace & Blessings, Lisa B

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