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Peace In Unraveling Threads

Before TCV was launched, I jotted down several things that I wanted to write about.  That was over three years ago. “Peace In Unraveling Threads” was one of them. This is how 2016’s title met 2019’s thoughts…

Hmm…Things that unravel. Thread unravels. Stories unravel. The plot unravels. Platted hair or braids unravel. Seams unravel. A lot of other things seemingly, symmetrically, figuratively or knowingly do just that…unravel. However, so does our peace! It, too, unravels. It comes apart. Sometimes, it seems like it can’t be recovered, woven back together, like there’s no semblance of restructuring, no return back to the thing that gives us an exhale moment of relief. This normally happens when our spirit or our mind has arrived at a place of “good”….a place of peace. You know? The thing that has no price tag attached to it, according to my friend. It shouldn’t be negotiated or certainly not compromised.

So, why do we get present in a mental, emotional or spiritual space that lightly tremors, shakes, rattles, and potentially unravels our peace threads? It could very well be an argument, walking in a room, knowing you’re being discussed, questioning the loyalty of a friend, finding out a family member is really someone you don’t know, dealing with infidelity, distrust, knowing that masks are worn in the workplace,  blatant hate, racist behavior or even grieving the loss of a loved one. These are barely scratching the surface, as all of us have dealt with or are currently dealing with a multitude of things that diminish our peace. It’s pretty much inescapable. There are times when so many darts are coming at us, that it feels like returning to peace is in jeopardy–It doesn’t seem likely at all. We just can’t see a way out! We may say to ourselves and for me, sometimes to God, “What is going on??”; “When will this end?”; “What have I done to deserve this mess?”; “How long do I have to go through this, God?”; “When will I get a break?!?”; “Lord, pleasssse!” Sound familiar?

We can pretend all day and night that we have these ‘glossy’ uneventful lives, but inclusively, we all have endured times when the threads are unraveling constantly, consistently and yes, collectively. We can sit idly and watch the threads unravel, accepting the ‘it-is-what-it-is’ factor or we can get back to peace, by having faith that the threads will be woven back together.  It can start with recognizing that no matter what, God is still in control! It is in that moment of recognition that I might say, “Lord, I don’t know what in the world is going on here! J-e-s-u-s!! Lord, have mercy, please! Whew!” All or some of that is normally followed up with a big sigh (not a smile with it just yet either), and then, “Ok, you gotta take this. I can’t right now. I’m trusting you to handle whatever it is…”

When threads unravel, we can choose a path of pandemonium or a path of peace. Hands-down, it ought to be peace. It may start with fear and temporarily misplaced faith. It may move to a conversation with someone who will listen, who we trust not to judge us, who will not have our issues on the street version of CNN, one(s) who will, no doubt, give us Godly counsel. The idea is that we find the roadmap to embark on the journey back to a place of p-e-a-c-e. It’s like a disaster recovery plan. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be a simple whisper or even a bold question(s) to the only ONE who can orchestrate patching the threads of unraveled peace. It may not be an immediate repair, but it’ll be on its way. Be prepared to truly trust His timing. Be prepared to settle into His will and His way. Be prepared to thank Him in advance for His patchwork. Be prepared to share your story and give God the praise for His timely, crafty quilting. But know this…Some revelations may come with that repaired quilt! Accept it! Roll with it and say in gratitude, “God, I thank you. Thank you for giving me peace in these unraveling threads!”

*Even in the ongoing divisive, volatile, racist and hate-filled state of politics, we must continue to pray and trust that there will be peace in these unraveling threads also! Yes, Pray and Vote! Vote and Pray!

“Stay in peace, not pieces” ~ Iyanla Vanzant

Peace & Blessings, Lisa B

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