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Relationships – Rescue, Ruin or Resurrection? ~ Secrets ~ Guest Blogger, George Michael H

Do you think you’re the only sex that feels pain? Do you think it only happens to you? I have news for you, Ms. Lady, men feel the hurt of heartbreak too

I’m not talking about guys who change partners so fast that the lines blur I’m talking about men who can be in a room with 1000 women and still not see anyone except her

I’m going to explain about real men like myself… The ones who kiss her lips like if they stop, it will induce their last breath I’m talking about the men, who even after they’re gone, you’ll feel the love even after death.

I’m a man that believes in happily ever after, that once upon a time That’s the reason I’m to communicate with precision line after line…

…and word for word Some of my private thoughts—the things seldom heard

So until I find my rib, the one that wants me to be her mister I’m gonna fade to black and wait on that sister

~George Michael H~

July 5, 2020 (Written November 23, 2019)

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