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Right Side Of Wrong?

Watching tonight’s episode of my favorite show, Queen Sugar, sparked a whole lot of thought!! If you follow the show, the last few weeks have been leading up to a pivotal moment in which two sisters have fallen for the same man. Wow! With all the love out there waiting to be discovered, uncovered, renewed or rejuvenated, one would wonder why this triangle would even take place. I mean, why in the ‘ham sammich’ couldn’t the female character, known as Nova and the male character, known as Remy, have picked anybody else, somewhere else??? Nawlins ain’t that small!!!

Although this is a well-written drama for the audience’s enjoyment and entertainment, it parallels situations that occur in real life. It may not be a sister-man-sister trio, but it can carry the same flavor. Nova and her sister’s character, Charley, are biological sisters, which seems to make this love triangle worse, however, there are relationships between women who affectionately call themselves, sister or sis, brother or bro, that become all tangled up in a web of responding to flesh, or shall I say, ‘Jonesing?’ Well, it could be a web of innocence that spins into unintentional drama. Whether approached deliberately or unassumingly, there appears to be a high degree of wrong, by most people’s standards or scruples.

Tonight’s episode unfolds as artwork in writing, as my eyes and ears were completely, and 100% tuned into the happenings on Queen Sugar. As the scenes evolve, it’s clear that Nova is in strong like with Remy–she’s really ‘feeling’ him, but is not dealing well with the guilt of hurting her sister. Likewise, Remy has developed an enviable wow factor for the kind of woman that Nova is, however, he is uneasy and unsettled by guilt, shame, and the hurt that, no doubt, is about to pierce Charley’s heart. Although the relationship between Charley and Remy was somewhat over, feelings still existed, but again, it appeared to be over—timing was horrible for the two of them. Just trust me, if you’re not ‘queening’ on Wednesday nights at 10.

Bringing the title of this post, “Right Side of Wrong?”, into the fold, is this love debacle completely wrong? Given the circumstance of Remy’s and Charley’s failed relationship, did it provide a realm of ‘right’ with Nova and Remy acting on their feelings? Yes, there appeared to be some hesitation from Nova, but ole fine Remy didn’t seem to have a problem forging ahead with his “eyes-on-the-prize” Nova! Does the march toward love supersede or outweigh the value of family or friendship? Should they have ignored what was happening emotionally, and run for their lives, protecting the heart of someone that they both love dearly? When you truly see that building something beyond the physical attraction is likely, felt and wanted, is it worth the sacrifice of someone else’s feelings or is it all about salvaging what could be? Who is right? Who is wrong? Who has some space on the right side of wrong? Who, if anybody, has some real estate on the wrong side of right? Ponders the mind, huh? Maybe not….

There are so many ways to look at, interpret or judge what did, what didn’t or what should’ve happened. Judgment, as usual, rears its head easily and early. My ‘take’ is that things happen, always have, always will. Attraction and sex appeal are beasts!! They’re huge giants to ward off when we are equipped with the senses, provided by The Creator! However, we must exercise control!!! We can’t always act on our wants and desires! Trust me, I haven’t been in this type of situation, but I’ve certainly picked up some other t-shirts along the way. Say it ain’t so!! Whew….thank God for deliverance!!

Back to regular programming…We must recognize that our hearts aren’t the only ones that need protecting. We shouldn’t be selfish in that manner. Give someone else the benefit of having you in their corner. Know that forgoing your pleasure in an effort to prevent another’s pain is an act of nobleness and obedience. As Charley responded to her sister’s comment about the fact that they, Nova and Remy, didn’t ask for ‘it’, she uttered words that pierced like a knife, “But you didn’t walk away either…” Powerful words from a pained heart. Smh

When given an option, opt to stay on the right side of right, even though justifying the right side of wrong can be a buildable case. It’s not worth the wrong, the pain, the guilt, the devastation, and above all, it’s not worth devaluing family and friendships. What I’m touched and encouraged by, is that the remedy begins with truth. Even though there was understandable hesitation, they didn’t wait for the uncovering—Nova and Remy broached their shame with Truth! No matter how bad it hurts, the truth is the way to recovery. It releases tension. It eliminates the dark cloud. It provides a road to forgiveness. It’s painful to dispense, but tolerable, as hopefully, a purpose will be revealed for that pain. There is no wrong side of truth—only a right side!

At the infamous crossroad of whatever we are faced with, keep right, look ahead and proceed with caution, knowing when to yield, but better yet, know when to stop! God knows this takes discipline and strength! God knows this takes faith in believing that right, not evil, always prevails!

Maybe the lyrics of that ole skool song could’ve gone something like this…. If loving you is wrong, I still wanna be right! 😉

Peace and Blessings, Lisa B

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