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Sign Me Up….

So amazing how a simple act results in prolonged thoughts that turn into spiritual uplift…

A good friend, really in an effort to be supportive, inquired about how to follow “The Cherry Vine.”  Excitement kicked in, and immediately, I began to rattle off, “It’s simple, just click on Follow …” I ended the quick blurb of instruction with, “…then, just click Sign Me Up”.  With absolutely no hesitation, the friend began singing an old spiritual. I don’t know the official song title, but it goes a little something like this:

Sign me up, for the Christian jubilee. Write my name on the roll. I’ve been changed since the Lord has lifted me. I wanna be ready when Jesus comes…

As my friend belted out a verse, someone else, unexpectedly, sang the next verse. This exchange continued and in no time, we had a full-blown collaboration!

There were a few of us gathered that morning— Folk who typically wouldn’t have been a part of such an impromptu performance. We all had a great laugh, and went about our normal daily routines. It was, undoubtedly, an unforgettable event, something that I’m sure will be a “kodak” moment for all of us who were in that room. It was morning comic relief, that in reflection, will always bring about a chuckle and a smile.

As I mentally moved beyond that moment, for some reason that song continued to ring clearly in my head. A few weeks later, I still found myself singing or humming those tunes at any point—during the morning, anytime during the day or in the quiet moments of the evening. Couldn’t seem to “shake” it, as somehow the words, the melody, made my heart feel good.

Confused, I began to question:  What’s going on? Why is this happening? What is up with this song? It’s just an old song!  Then, out of nowhere, I started to play the lyrics slowly in my head and for the first time, those words massaged my heart in a more intense way. It was a “wow” moment!  I’m sure, you like me, have sung a thousand songs, especially those gospel songs/hymns that we learned growing up, without giving a lot of thought to what the songwriter was truly ministering. We’ve memorized every word, every pause, every high note for years—just singing our little hearts out!

As I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that music has always spoken to my spirit,  it finally made sense! I now know why the events of that morning happened. That morning had purpose. I needed to be reminded of what those sweet lyrics conveyed. I needed a reminder in a manner that pierced my soul in a different kind of way. I needed a reminder of when and why change occurred in my life.  When? I had been changed since The Lord had lifted me. Why? Because, no matter what, no matter how undeserving, I really wanna be ready when Jesus comes.  Plain and simple language, in a special delivery, by some cherry-picked folk! They actually renewed my signature and I’m grateful!! You know who you are 🙂

So, when that tune stays with you and you just can’t seem to “shake” the words, the melody, no matter the genre of music, it could be a message, a gentle reminder of something extremely important!

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa B

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