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The Power of “I Won’t”

My favorite TV minister, Joel Osteen, authored a book entitled, “The Power of I Am.”  I haven’t read the book, however heard many speak of what a great and powerful read the book was. My understanding is that the overall premise of the book is based on declaring and voicing the words, “I am….” in an effort to speak certain truths that will bring about change in how you value yourself, life, etc.  This beautifully brings to light the practice of believing in the power of speaking things into existence, through faith. These aren’t fleeting thoughts or mangled words, but life changing sentences. What an excellent practice of faith and obedience?

As I thought intensely about speaking life via an “I am”, my mind started to mold in opposition to an “I won’t.”  Reflecting on the 10 Commandments, there were quite a few “Thou shalt not’s….”, right?  So, in that spirit, “The Power of I Won’t” can be effective also.

Why not try these simple, but powerful “won’t” statements, as a reminder that there are things that we should focus on NOT doing or thinking? I pray that the minds and the hearts of “The Cherry Vine” readers will wrap around these words and let them be a guiding force in your daily thoughts and devotions.  Here we go….

1) I won’t forget to thank God for this day, minute and second, the moment I open my eyes from sleep. It is a perfect time to also thank Him for the blessing of sleep!  The ability to rest from a long day or the stress of a not-so-good situation shouldn’t be taken for granted.

2) I won’t forget to ask God to give me direction and guidance to get me through even the molecular happenings of the day.

3) I won’t fear the unknown, as everything that happens, good or bad, bears a message or learning experience.

4) I won’t focus my prayer completely on me, as intercessory prayer is so powerful and unselfish. We have to pray for those who may not pray for themselves. It is our responsibility. Everyone needs prayer…that’s an absolute!

5) I won’t take for granted that God is 100% responsible for each breath I take. Breathing is a gift, a blessing, a testament of His mercy!

6) I won’t camouflage my love for and relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, no matter whose company I’m in. It is important that people see even a little smidgen of who He is in what we say and/or do every single day!

7) I won’t get caught up in judging my family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, strangers or even my enemies. Perception is dangerous.  Judge ye not…..

8) I won’t be a haven for negativity. Being positive exudes faithfulness. Don’t be a Negative Nelly or Negative Ned! 🙂

9) I won’t ignore the needs or plight of others. Any of us can end up in a place of desperate need and despair.

10) I won’t pretend that I don’t understand the importance of giving of my time, talent and treasure in some way to uplift the kingdom of God. We really know this, but don’t act on it sometimes.  We all need a nudge!

11) I won’t let others define my spiritual walk, my destiny, who I am in Christ. The relationship that matters is the one that you have with the Divine source.

12) I won’t forget to ask for His protection…to put a Holy bubble around you, your family, all those connected to you and those who aren’t….Everyone needs protection.

13) I won’t ignore the need for daily devotion to keep the foundation of a Godly – centered life intact. Feasting on His Word is critical! We are all a work in progress and certainly imperfect, therefore need to be fed the Word to get/stay focused.

14) I won’t beat myself up if I stumble. We all fall short of the Glory of God! Once you’ve fallen, just make sure that the next fall is the one in which you end up on your knees in or in some posture of prayer and forgiveness.

15) I won’t take for granted the people who love me, support me, lift me up, who care enough to give me Godly correction—The folk who want you to prosper in every way, but most of all cheer you on when it is evident that your spiritual walk is moving in the right direction.

Bonus…I won’t overlook the power of love. Love really does conquer all!

To God be the glory for The Power of I Won’t!!!

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa B

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