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The #Reset

Ole coronavirus or let’s say its short name, COVID-19, has put all of us in a space that we haven’t experienced before. It’s not limited to race, gender, socioeconomics, royalty (even Prince Charles tested positive) or faith. It puts us on the same playing field, well, with maybe a few exceptions—Some sectors of society may get tested when some can’t; some may get tested before others with a semblance of a hierarchy of sorts; some may be able to self-quarantine in what we deem as ‘better’ home settings or environments; some may have to go out for the grocery pick-up, while others sit comfortably within the confines of their homes for order and delivery, etc. The situations surrounding the virus are subjective, however, the virus itself is non-discriminatory and with that, yes, we’re all in the same bowl of gravy…

There are so many thoughts, medically and otherwise, regarding the ‘why’—Why this? Why now? There are also a lot of opinions about the ‘how’–How did this REALLY happen? How did he/she get exposed/infected? How long is this going to last? How will we manage this supposed temporary new norm on the daily? We’re also pondering and sorting through the ‘what’—What else to do to prevent and combat exposure? What short-term and long-term impacts will it have on the economy, as well as our physical settings, and our emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing? There are multitudes of questions and multitudes of similar and differing answers. While there are expert opinions about every aspect of every angle that we’re experiencing or may experience, the word that keeps dropping in my spirit is #Reset

What does it mean to reset? Mr. Google defines it as ‘set again or differently.’ What do we often reset? What comes to mind immediately? For me, reset your clock, reset the timer, resetting electronic devices, (specifically my computer), all of which require tapping a button on some tangible item, right? Well, in the wake of COVID-19, that reset button is ourselves. Maybe it’s time to tap into the RESET of our lives—-our hearts, minds, and spirits. What, specifically, do we need to set again? What do we need to set differently? It’s definitely #Reset time!

As my spirit often goes to the letter ‘r’ for some reason, Google would point me to these words—synonyms for the word Reset—restart, reboot, restore, re-establish, reinitialize, reinstate, readjust. While they all mean the same, we can apply them to what possibly could be reset in different areas of our lives. In this first season of the coronavirus pandemic, we can use the #Reset to… Restart the self-evaluation of the whole us Reboot the process over and over again to become the best version of ourselves Restore relationships that our hearts know got realigned or cut off without seeking God first Re-establish the foundational pieces of our being (family and faith)—they formed who we are—know what needs work—know what is/isn’t aligned with improving our work-in-progress Re-initialize our reading/study of God’s word and some form of daily devotion Reinstate our commitment to our faith and belief in God, knowing that Jesus still lives— before and after Coronavirus and forever. Reinstate prayer. Reinstate and/or Revitalize Readjust every aspect of our existence, now that we have plenty of ‘still’ time to seek God for direction and guidance. If we ask, He will point us in the right direction and guide us every step of the way. Readjustment may result in challenging our wants versus what God wants for us. In this, we must remember that the safest place to be is in the will of God! **Through readjusting, I’m finding that many of my norms are simply not really necessary—resetting for some healthier, smarter norms **

Although ‘remember’ is not in the lineup, for obvious reasons, we should, however, remember the sweet spirit of peace in simply trusting God! As He has blessed us with brains to think, we should also remember the gift of choice in making prayerful decisions, being vigilant, having common sense in what we are presented with now and each day forward. Let’s remember to act and respond in love! Let our actions and our words speak to the love we were created to have for one another. In that love, let’s remember to pray—for ourselves, our family, our friends, our neighbors, our community, our state, our nation, our enemies, and for every person existing in this vast world. Prayers for those who have been exposed to COVID-19, tested positive, healing in isolation and the elderly who are residing in isolation due to their high-risk status. Prayers also for the families, like mine, who are unable to be physically present (other than through a window view) to support them during the process, and of course, essential frontline healthcare, service personnel and others who are still reporting to work.

Rest, Refocus, Reassess and #Reset! Analogously, know where each letter/symbol is on the keyboard, reshuffle the keys, find Ctrl, Alt, and Delete, then simultaneously press all three keys to reboot/restart/reset your heart, your mind, and your spirit. 🙂 Be prayerful. Be safe.

He sent out his word and healed them; he rescued them from the grave.” Sickness is designed to send you to the grave. But thank God for His Word! … And Jesus saith unto him, I will come and heal him ~ Psalm 197:20

And by His stripes we are healed ~ Isaiah 53:5

Peace & Blessings, Lisa B

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