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Vintage 1995 ~ Sister, Sister

Well, how shall I begin

To give tribute to my one and only sister,

Who is also my friend

I can’t begin to tell you

How proud I am of you

You’ve beat all the odds, and maintained your sanity too

You’ve proven beyond a shadow of doubt

Just trust in God,

He’ll bring you out

He’s certainly been there, guiding you through

Many, many nights of school

And other adversities too

Your hard work and dedication proves an awful lot it seems…

No matter what the storms of life may bring,

Never give up on your hopes and dreams

In all your endeavors to become a success,

You’ve continued to be a loving, devoted mom, daughter, wife, sister…

And now, grandmother.  You’re the BEST

So, as you walk away with your degree

And from the walls of Shaw University,

Don’t forget to give God all the glory

Continue to praise Him and be proud to tell your story

And what a wonderful story it will be

Especially for Little Joe and Jorey

Of a grandmother who stood strong and firm for what she believed

And set the standard for those categorized not to succeed

I’m no poet, as you can see

But if I said this to you in person

“A bucket of water”, is definitely what I’d be

Remember I love you more than words could ever say

And I thank God for sending a big sister my way

Love You Always…. Lisa

May 1995

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