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Watch “VineXercise” on YouTube

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

If you’re like me, sometimes you miss getting your groove on at a private get-together or event. Tack on the need to shred some extra pandemic pounds, and it seems like a ‘blah’ mood moment. Well, turns out that we can ‘marry’ the two, while having a blast doing so! In an impromptu zone, I started doing my very own freestyle ‘dancercize’—no counts, no sets, no structure, no set time, just jammin’ for minutes through these tunes! What a start to a 50+ workout! I challenge you to do the same! Find your favorite tunes that get your adrenalin flowing, save them as a playlist, and DANCE!! Great cardio and even greater fun. Here’s my growing playlist (3 songs), affectionately called, VineXercise—what else? 😊

**The Cherry Vine does not own rights to these videos/music**

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