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What's Slippin'?

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

What's slippin'? Things are. Things do. Who's slippin'? We are. We do. We might slip on an article of clothing or a pair of shoes. But, shoes actually slip too. They glide across a slippery floor, icy surfaces or comically, even a banana peel. The needle in the arm of an ole skool vinyl record player slips during the skip. Things slip through cracks and our fingers. Words slip out of our mouths. And yes, those infamous thoughts do what, especially in the middle-aged season? Slip! Mine do. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Anything that has an oil-base or an oily like substance might involve some sort of slip. The art of slipping is a canvassing snapshot of motion. It's not ongoing. The motion stops, and the object that slips has an opportunity for recovery...

Likewise, as flawed children of God, we slip---on, out, and up. It can be a slip of anew or a return to something not so good, as in a bad habit. That slip can be treacherous, no doubt. It may seem that we've full-on slidden into a place of oblivion, a place of no repair, a place of no reform or a place of no recovery. So not true! As we are not perfect human beings, we have and will, s- l- i- p! We may even skid into a backslide of how we are living in faith, but know that God is a god or recovery, repentance, and resurrected souls! 🙌🏾 As forgiveness doesn't give us an excuse to continually practice the figurative behavioral moonwalk or cha-cha slide, we are forgiven--- if we ask; if we exercise well-intentioned and genuine repentance. The results perfectly come via God's grace, although undeservingly, and His mercy upon us.

So, don't slide into a valley moment, camp out, then later move in as a permanent residence. Use the privileged tool of prayer and rekindle or even build a relationship with the Good and Perfect Father to start your recovery plan. It renders release from the valley. It starts with reach! Reach within yourself to find the value in you, as you were divinely created, no matter where life has landed us. Next, reach for the One who offers unconditional love, peace, joy and restoration of all soul exception. Reach for help; counsel.

And....We need to extend more grace in offering a hand, when a slip occurs, even when it appears to be a full-on slide. I'm learning to better manage my slips, extending myself and others more grace. It is indeed a challenge. It is a process, but one worth the glide into or back to mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Side note: Before publishing this post, I heard of the tragic news of a well-known Hollywood DJ/dancer/artist/producer, "tWitch", who reportedly took his life by suicide. I, literally, stopped in my tracks! I was so saddened, as he exuded so much light, happiness, positivity, love, and great energy. He was one of those people who many of us felt like we knew. It (his passing) is yet another reminder that we are all human beings dealing with something. None of us are exempt from possibly slipping in and out of depression, loneliness, inadequacy, anxiety or grief. Be a heart accountability partner. Keep each other healthy---in prayer, in conversation, in communication, in genuine acts of kindness, in love. Prayers for the families of all of those who have had to sort through the emotions of their loved one contemplating ending their life or giving up to the point of suicide. We never know when it may hit home for us. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Suicide and Crisis Lifeline--- 988

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa C-S

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